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Perception | Cognitive Psychology help you in achieving Perception

What is Perception? Perception | Perception is the group of procedures by which we understand, organize, and make awareness of these senses we receive out...
Visual memory, mnemonics, improve visual memory, visual deficiency

How To Memorize faster Using Visual Memory and Mnemonics

Visual Memory | Memory is used to encode, store and later retrieved. There are many types of memory present in our brain section like...
visual memory, how to remember things, visual perceptual skills, memory strategies, how to improve, working memory, mnemonics definition, mnemonics, improve memory ,how to improve memory

How to Remember Things using Visual Memory : Ultimate Guide to Improve memory

How to improve memory using Visual Memory | Memory is extremely important to retrieve things from the brain. Memory helps to recognize objects and...
human factors psychology, environmental psychology, physiological psychology, masters in psychology, counseling psychology

Human Factor Psychology helps you in achieving everything in your life.

Human Factor Psychology is one of the important concepts of the human growth and Human Factor Psychology helps in improving machines, products, equipment and...
What is psychology, Is it Science or Social Science, sports psychology,cognitive psychology, behavioral psychology, clinical psychology,psychology, types of psychology

What is psychology? Is Psychology a Science or Social Science?

 Definition of Psychology| Psychology is evolved from the two Greek words soul and logos meaning science or study of a subject. Psychology is the...
Attitude, the attitude, attitude seeds positive mental attitude, attitude is everything, attitude indicator

The Attitude is Everything | Your Attitude determines your direction

Attitude | The Attitude is a general word used by us in our day to day life. Belief is the conventional sense, it refers to...
Sensory memory Perception. Echoic Memory,Iconic Memory, Sensory memory psychology, sensory memory examples,auditory stimuli, visual perception, haptic memory

The Ultra Short Memory of Brain: Sensory Memory

Sensory Memory| Sensory memory is deeply connected with the term called Perception. It is referred to as a record of the person. Sensory memory...
Cocktail party effect, cocktail party effect psychology, selective attention, attention, filter theory of attention, filter theory,attentinal processes, stimuli, the cocktail party effect, cocktail party

All you need to know about the Cocktail Party Effect of Selective Attention

Cocktail Party Effect Psychology | The Cocktail party effect is the phenomenon of a brain to filter out rest of the irrelevant information to the...
false memories, Sensory Register,  Short Term Store, The Working Memory ,Long Term Store,Memories,Theories of Memory, iconic memory, information retrieval, Sensory Memory, Retrograde amnesia, Anterograde amnesia, Clive Wearing, Modal model of memory

Memories | Theories of Memory | Sensory Memory functions | Stages of Amnesia –...

Let's start our discussion on the memory with an easy question. Do you remember the last ball of the Cricket World Cup in 2011...
Mental health awareness, DayDreaming, Mind wandering, Anxiety, Depression, ,Attention, low depression, mental health strength, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Would Daydreaming or Mind Wandering spread the word of Mental Health Awareness to people?

  Mental Health Awareness| It was a dogma that you just need physical fitness to live entirely in this era. Time has changed. We exist...



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