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Bem Self Perception Theory Vs Cognitive Dissonance | Alzheimer 360

Bem Self Perception Theory:  Bem Self Perception theory is the most influential theory of social psychology. Self-perception theory is coined by the social psychologist Daryl...
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Perception | Cognitive Psychology help you in achieving Perception

What is Perception? Perception | Perception is the group of procedures by which we understand, organize, and make awareness of these senses we receive out...

Kelley’s Covariation Model of Attribution : Examples, Behavior Prediction

Kelley's Covariation Model of Attribution: Kelley's Covariation model of attribution is one of the major concern of the social psychologist. The Kelley's Covariation Model of...

Are You A Ailurophobic Person(Fear of Cats) – Ailurophobia

Ailurophobia is one of the common phobias in the list of phobias. According to the Oxford Dictionary- Ailurophobia is defined as the extreme or irrational fear of...

Is Black Apple Really An Apple Information Processing Approach

Information Processing Approach - The understanding of memory is the main concern of cognitive psychology. The psychology of cognition learns about the information processing...
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4 Ultimate Steps to Getting Over Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria

How to deal with dysphoria | Rejection sensitive dysphoria is your most annoying unwanted guest who is with you without your permission. You might...
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Psychological Emotions: Plays a role in the liking of the person

Psychological Emotions are termed as the positive or negative experiences associated with our particular pattern of psychological activity. Emotions are one of the important...
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2 Year Old Milestones – Life Span Psychology

2 Year Old Milestones of a Child(Toddler) - Toddler achievement within 2 years Toddler - a young child who is just beginning to walk. Who is a...
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Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria Symptoms and Treatment

I am 100% percent sure you know the term ADHD(Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ) in which you lose the power to focus on one...
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The Information Processing Model Of Memory- Alzheimer 360

The Information Processing Model Of Memory  The information processing model of memory involves change(processing) of information in many manners detectable by an observer. Information processing approach...

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