Should we take medication for Ambulophobia – Fear of Walk

Should we take medcation for Ambulophobia - Fear of Walk


Ambulophobia is the fear of walking among the people. The people who are suffering from the Ambulophobia feel fear to walk down into the public space, close space and anywhere. The Ambulophobia is compromises of two words comes from Latin as Ambulo means to walk and phobia means fear. The people feel anxious to walk down into the streets and show sentiments for a walk.

Ambulophobia, causes of Ambulophobia, Ambulophobia treatment, Ambulophobia symtoms

What is Ambulophobia?

Ambulophobia is the fear of walking among the peer. It is one of the specific phobias in the dictionary of psychology. Those phobias are not declared in the DSM-5 are considered as the specific phobias. You may bite your nails to read this article about the fear of walking. I haven’t thought such an unusual thing ever before.

What are the main causes of Ambulophobia?

Since the American Psychiatry Association has not declared the phobia of being walking in the mental disorder checklist. That’s why people are unaware of the exact causes for the Ambulophobia. This three reason may be the best fit for the cause of fear of walking

Biological: When you face a panic attack in your life due to which some chemical changed happened in your brain. The disturbance of biological composition is one of the strong determinants of the causes of fear of walking.

Flashbulb Memories: Flashbulb memories are those memories which hit you emotionally. If you face an emotional trauma in your past life then the strong possibilities for you to suffer from the unusual fear of walking.

Genetic: Genetic Composition is one of the strong factors in which you inherit the default genes from your parents.

Experience: The child who doesn’t have parents barely capture the attention of people normally. The lack of presence of parents in childhood may be the cause of the development of signs of fear from a walk.

How did I get to know I am suffering from Ambulophobia?

Ambulophobia, causes of Ambulophobia, Ambulophobia treatment, Ambulophobia symtoms

Ambulophobia is not so common phobia that existed on this planet. So, psychologist, the experienced counselor can well manager to tell about the exact symptoms of the fear of walk. Some of the common symptoms of the phobia are listed below.

  • Nausea
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Anxiety in walking
  • Panic
  • Sweating
  • Dry mouth

How to take care of Ambulophobia?

Ambulophobia can be taken care of the two techniques

Medication: You can take medication to suppress the symptoms of phobia like nausea, anxiety, and depression. But medication is not the permanent solution for the problem of fear of walking. The medication of drugs and anti-depressants can be lethal for your overall health. So take the good guidance from a renowned and experienced counselor or psychiatrist to take care of the fear of walking.

Ambulophobia, causes of Ambulophobia, Ambulophobia treatment, Ambulophobia symtoms

Therapies: Therapies are extremely helpful in the treatment of specific phobias like Ambulophobia and other phobias like a phobia of a cat, phobia of air. All the experiences counselors are suggesting to take psychotherapies for the treatment of phobias.


  • The CBT( Cognitive Behavior Therapy) has an extremely positive response on the patients. The CBT include transcend the negative emotions associated with flashbulb memories.
  • Counseling is also a good option for coping with Ambulophobia.
  • Energy Therapy
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Some Useful Tips

  • You must consult a good counselor after detecting the symptoms of Ambulophobia.
  • If you ask me to recommend you which option you should choose for the treatment. I’ll say psychotherapies


Don’t compromise your mental health at all. You must be mentally fit for in the whole life regardless of anything.

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