Understanding Astraphobia-Fear of Thunderstorm and Lightning Phobia

Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Astraphobia

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Causes of Fear of Thunder

Fear of thunder and lightning is common in children, but it can hunt you in the later life as well in case of some traumatic attack. These are some negative memories attached to it. Some of the reason might be supportive of developing the symptoms of Astrophobia.
  • Genetic is one of the main cause of developing a phobia of lightning. When someone in your family has been exposed to the phobia of a thunderstorm then you may likely to develop symptoms of fear to yourself as well.
  • Some people have lost their family members or loved one because of some flood, thunderstorm or lightning. These type of events create mental imagination about the event and until painful memories are there in the brain person is not going to escape from the painful event cause.
  • When you have a personal connection with the thunderstorm, lightning or rain like you got physical strain from any of these. This moment constantly triggers your emotion and anxiety would increase eventually.

What are the symptoms of Astraphobia( Fear of Lightning)?

 Astraphobia, fear of thunder, fear of storm, fear of lightening, causes symtoms treatmen of astraphobia, tonitrophobia, brontophobia,

An individual with the astrophobia will try to avoid every possible condition in which he may get the chance to live in bad weather. The person constant check the temperature forecast before going to a new place and also if the weather is going to be rough he can cancel the business meeting, family gathering, and picnic also.
There are several symptoms experienced by the astraphobic person:
  • Increased Heart Rate
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Crying
  • Increased anxiety
  • hiding down some safe place when the weather condition is rough
  • Ignore the sound of a thunderstorm

How can you diagnose the Asrtraphobia?

An individual with a minimum duration of 6 months with the phobia of thunder is called Astraphobia, just you need to visit a good professional or therapist who is there to help you. You can’t measure your severity of the symptoms. A therapist can help you appropriately with the fear of rain or lighting.
If we talk about official treatment there are no specific treatment available for the diagnosis but a therapist with reasonable experience can help you.

What are the treatments available for the Astraphobia?

Some of the available treatments after the diagnosis of astraphobia:
  1. Exposure therapy involves people to face fear and calm them down with. When they expose themselves and find no threat and hurt for a long time. The emotions will convert into positive emotions.
  2. Medication is one of the available options for the treatment of astraphobia. The therapist advises you to take some anti-depressant for a limited period of time. you can reduce the symptoms but you don’t cure it.
  3. CBT Cognitive Behavior therapy is one of the option to cure the phobia of thunder or phobia of lightning. You can change your way to think about an event.


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