What is Athazagoraphobia – Fear of Being Ignored Alzheimer 360

What is Athazagoraphobia - Fear of Being Ignored Alzheimer 360


The fear of being forgottenAthazagoraphobia is the fear of ignorance, forgetting about you, feeling forgotten. The phobia of being forgotten is one of the top specific phobia and common phobia on the earth. The Athazagoraphobia is deeply connected with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The fear of being forgotten or ignored by people who you love, who you are your soulmate, any person who strongly care about.

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What is Athazagoraphobia or Fear being Replaced?

Athazagoraphobia is the immense fear of losing someone valuable from your life. The fear can be defined in the three norms:

  • Fear of Being Ignored
  • Fear of Being Forgotten
  • Fear of Being Replaced

The fear of being forgotten bring it up to anxiety, depression, and stress into your life. When you really care about someone you obviously miss them when you are distant from them but the feeling of being abandoned is completely different and unusual.  Athazagoraphobia can disturb your whole life from personal to the professional.


In the U.S.A alone 10% of the people are suffering from some specific phobias related to fear of abandoned, fear of forgetting.

Problems With Athazagoraphobia

Athzagoraphobia Symptoms, Athzagoraphobia causes, Athzagoraphobia, fear of being abandoned, fear of being replaced,, fear of left out,

American Psychiatric Association has not declared Athazagoraphobia as a specific phobia. So the treatment of getting rid over the phobia of being abandoned is limited. The people who are an expert in these things like psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavior therapy can help an Athzagoraphobic person.

The symptoms of Athazagoraphobia can be developed from childhood if you ignore a child for a long period of time. Toddler wants most of our attention and according to the psychologist when a toddler doesn’t get the attention they were anxious automatically. So, good parenting can cope with your child from suffering from fear of being ignored, fear of being abandoned from the family members, loved ones, etc.

The other problems you may face while suffering from Athazagoraphobia is your intense anxiety for thinking the losing the presence of the person you meet and your loved ones. The constant worry of abandoned by the society members and loved ones may be the reason for blocking your cognitive ability and you may lose the pleasure to live a healthy life.

Athzagoraphobia Symptoms

Athzagoraphobia Symptoms, Athzagoraphobia causes, Athzagoraphobia, fear of being abandoned, fear of being replaced,, fear of left out,

Athazagoraphobia symptoms can be detected at a very early stage of life since childhood. Children are so anxious about the presence of the loved one and once their parent leaves them at home while leaving for a party then their anxiety level can be clearly seen from sweats in their body.

The people who are suffering from the Athazagoraphobia tend to be low at self-confidence and feel low while communicating. They also show some low self-esteem and silence in their nature. The most common thing which psychologist notice that people with some dementia-related problems and Alzheimer’s problem area high compared to the normal peoples.

The sign of Athazagoraphobia is similar to the other phobias we have seen in our previous articles like sweating, shortness of breath, etc.

  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Sweating
  • Low Self-esteem
  • Shy
  • Nausea
  • Rapid breathing
  • Isolation – Personality Disorder

These are the common symptoms from all the common phobias but exposure to the situation is different. Some are anxious in the Open space while some are anxious in the close space etc. The world is full of surprises and new things. The severity decides the level of symptoms in an Athzagoraphobic person.

What are the things responsible for Athazagoraphobia? 

Athzagoraphobia Symptoms, Athzagoraphobia causes, Athzagoraphobia, fear of being abandoned, fear of being replaced,, fear of left out,

Since the American Psychiatry Association has not declared the phobia of being abandoned in the mental disorder checklist. That’s why people are unaware of the exact causes for the Athazagoraphobia. This three reason may be the best fit for the cause of Athazagoraphobia

Biological: When you face a panic attack in your life due to which some chemical changed happened in your brain. The disturbance of biological composition is one of the strong determinants of the causes of fear of being forgotten.

Flashbulb Memories: Flashbulb memories are those memories which hit you emotionally. If you face an emotional trauma in your past life then the strong possibilities for you to suffer from the unusual fear of being abandoned.

Genetic: Genetic Composition is one of the strong factors in which you inherit the default genes from your parents.

Experience: The child who doesn’t have parents barely capture the attention of people normally. The lack of presence of parents in childhood may be the cause of the development of trait of ignorance and you feel stubborn while alone.

Which treatment is good for coping with Athazagoraphobia? 

There is a number of things available in psychiatric hospitals like medications and therapies like CBT, Energy psychology, etc. You may be confused with the appropriate one which one you should choose.

In reality, you must have the knowledge for the number of available treatment for your problems and an experienced clinical psychologist can answer your question after diagnosis and experience.


Medication is one of the two options to treat Athzagoraphobia. Remember that, you can’t cure a phobia of the medication. medication is available in the market for diluting the severe symptoms of depression and anxiety in the market. The medication also has a negative effect on your overall health. So, you must try to avoid medication in the cause of specific phobia like fear of being forgotten, fear of being replaced, phobia of being forgotten, fear of being ignored, phobia of being left out, fear of being lost, etc.


Therapies are really helpful for the treatment of this phobia. Generally, people being scared off from the therapies but psycho-therapies are completely different. They are based on practical approached to fix the cause of the negative flashbulb memory and desensitize them.

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