Auditory Processing Disorder in Adults – Symptoms and Causes

Auditory processing disorder in adults - symptoms and causes

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Auditory processing disorder in adults is mainly related to the hearing related issues in human beings and in adults. The auditory processing disorder is the disorder in the medical sciences in which adults and school-aged children face difficulty in listening in noisy situations. they feel difficulty in the reading and writing as well.

Auditory processing disorder in adults can be cured of the prescribed method. Medical science has been attained its boon and most of the clinical problem related to physical and mental impairment can be cured after diagnosis.

General Auditory Processing Disorder Symptoms

People are unaware of the actual symptoms of auditory processing disorder. Adults face difficulty in the hearing when he indulges in the social situation where there is a presence of background noise.

Adults are able to listen properly through the audiogram. As we age we may face minor problems related to auditory processing. As we age our auditory nervous system loses its flexibility with the age. The processing of language and listening to language can be very difficult when there is a presence of background noise. The auditory nervous system becomes weaker with age.


There are a number of auditory processing disorder symptoms in the adults –

  • An adult may face trouble in learning and remembering a list or sequence
  • The adult may repeat the words frequently
  • An adult may lose the ability to lose the learning capability by listening to things.
  • He may talk louder than usual
  • He may face serious difficulty in hearing a noisy environment.
  • He may develop avoidant personality disorder and show deep inadequacy to the others
  • He may request the written material while studying still in the presence of oral material


Auditory Processing Disorder Causes

Auditory Processing Disorder Causes are numerous. Auditory processing disorder can be caused by the dysfunction of the central auditory nervous system and these dysfunctions can cause the problem in the auditory processing.

Auditory Processing Disorder causes by genetics also. If there is some genetic problems occurs in the parents. Then according to the biology DNA transfer from parent to the kids. So, the auditory processing disorder occurs with the family history of hearing impairments. The disorder is related to the autosomal dominant inheritance.

Auditory disorders can be related to developmental psychology as well. Means, a child can develop auditory processing disorder symptoms from a very early age. The child might be able to hear some minor sounds. He can be a deaf child as well. Malnutrition is the main concern of the causes of the auditory disorder. An auditory disorder can be caused by ectopic and genetic predisposition as well.

Auditory Processing Disorder in adults at Work and Home

There are common symptoms of auditory disorder at work and home but we generally don’t believe we are suffering from the auditory disorders.

  • Your phone is constantly ringing and you are not able to pay any attention to it.
  • You may feel the inadequate personality of yourself.
  • You may do frequent silly mistakes like forget the pen at the table and forget the most important task of your day.
  • You may find difficulty in finding the direction.
  • You start to feel that, you  are really missing something in your meantime
  • When you attend a family function in a noisy environment, then you start to feel annoyed and loss of hearing power as well.

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