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Bem Self Perception Theory:  Bem Self Perception theory is the most influential theory of social psychology. Self-perception theory is coined by the social psychologist Daryl Bem. The Bem Self Perception theory states that individual can identify their internal states, emotions, and attitudes by observing their own behavior and the percent situation which occur, etc. The Bem Self Perception theory help social psychologist a lot. Bem self-perception theory when an individual observes his behavior in the current situation or the past experience this implicate the development of attitude in the individual. The individual has unaware of the new attitudes in the past life nor those attitude, emotions and internal states in the range of behavior of them.

Bem Self Perception Theory, what is self perception, perception theory,

Inside the Bem Self Perception Theory  

Bem Self Perception Theory suggests that individual acts stranger to themselves when to observe the behavior of oneself. This is an act like self-analyze. Self-analyse is the set of actions which we use to channelize the action and results. When we do our self-analysis we must have to think as a stranger to our circumstances like what is the cause of my dissatisfaction? What makes me happy? which is the best moment in life. We always prefer the conclusion after the self-perception.

Self-perception – Self Awareness Theory

Self-perception is just like continuing the debate of social psychology causes in which we predict behavior in the social instance. Self-perception is also called as a self-awareness theory because self-awareness decides our attitudes, emotions and internal states from the learned behavior and present circumstances which are just opposite to the earlier explanation of our behavior.

According to the other theory, We act in a particular way because of our personality traits. and our cognitive thinking at that time.

What does Bem Self-Perception Theory Claims?

Bem Self Perception Theory, what is self perception, perception theory,

Daryl Bem Self-perception theory consists of two important claims that help in the more details exaplanation of theory.

  1. When you observe the behavior of a student who loves to study sociology books implies that she must have an interest in the sociology. The example clearly illustrates the point that when individual observe their behavior or current circumstances under which behavior develop refers to the indications of person internal states, emotions, and attitudes.
  2. An individual can determine the characteristics in the absence of weak evidence internally. The external evidence will be the deciding factor of the particular behavior.

Explanation to Bem Self Perception Theory through Experiment

The very first experiment was concluded in the labs of Darryl Bem with the two subjects in the group. Two groups were asked to describe the experience observance from a man’s testimonial. The one group is told that man takes 1$ for the testimonial and while the other group told that man took 20$ for the testimonial.

Group 1 find that the testimonial to be more interesting according to the final conclusion made by group 2.

Application of Self Perception theory in Modern Times

The self-perception theory has been actively using in the persuasion related therapies and in therapies as well.

The self-perception theory has been used as the persuasion in the modern industry. Self-perception theory includes some tactic to influence the consumer or buyers. The tactics are taking commitment for a smaller task and resulting in convincing into a more bigger version of commitment too.

Bem Self Perception theory is actively applied in the therapies as well. The theory helps in correcting the perception of people towards the external environment.

Self Perception Theory Vs Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive dissonance theory assumes that people are motivated to maintain consistency between self-belief and experience an unpleasant state of dissonance when they hold a consistent belief about themselves.



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