Who Is The Manager of Working Memory – Central Executive Psychology

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What is the central executive psychology? Central executive psychology is part of the working memory system. The information which comes from the short term store through the attentional processed in different modalities reaches different-different modalities reach to the central executive. As the name suggests executive is the central part of the whole process in the working memory. The executive is part of Baddley Theory of Working Memory

What are the activities for the Central Executive psychology?

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Central Executive is the central system of the working memory. The activity of the executive is to initiate the control of a decision-making process. The executive is just like the manager of the working memory it doesn’t do anything but keep an eye on everything.

Central executive takes the information from the short term store and manages this information i.e redistribute the information into other subparts of the working memory.

Sub stores of Central Executive

The executive has two sub stores

  1. Chronological Loop or Articulatory rehearsal loop
  2. Visuospatial Sketchpad

Working of Central Executive

The executive is the main part of the working memory. If any information comes from STS(Short term memory store) distribute the information into a phonological loop or visuospatial sketchpad.

Reasoning and comprehension can come down from the Short term store. The processing of the executive enhances the capability among the people to enhance their comprehension and reasoning.

When any person tries to read a paragraph as a job then information quickly send down to the executive, the exact response shows the proper functioning of the store and the individual can perform a job to read the paragraph.

Another task for the central executive is to send the information to the long term memory store ( LTM). LTM( Long term memory store ) is responsible for processing most of the information. Whenever it requires to fetch the memory from the long term store then executive senses the task and makes the reasoning language decision which is borrowed from the LTM.

Example of central Executive

Let’s take an example to understand the concept of what is an executive in working memory.

Suppose, jar A has 6 items into it and jar B has 8 items into it. The question is whether A has more items or jar B has more items. What would you reply?

Jar B, obviously

Central executive does this verification for you by taking the information like there is a jar, there are items into the visual system. Through the episodic buffer, it talks to the Long Term memory for borrow definition of more. The Long term memory reveals the definition of more to episodic buffer. The episodic buffer transfer this information to the  executive what is more than the comparison is done.

Executive transfer the information to long term memory via rehearsing and recoding.



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