Phobias and Fear: The Complete List of Phobias Exist In The World

phobias,fear of long words, fear of height, anthophobia, thalassophobia, fear of god, claustrophobia, fear of big words

Phobia: Phobia is part of our everyday life. Every human is surely a part of some phobias. Phobia is actually the feeling of fear from object, thing, situations, activities, or from people as well. When the feeling of fear becomes so obsessive that people can’t bear is called Phobia. The experience of some phobia can be an isolating experience, frightening experience, overwhelming as well. The fear can make a negative impact on your lifestyle, or even in your personal life as well.

Types of Phobias

phobias,fear of long words, fear of height, anthophobia, thalassophobia, fear of god, claustrophobia, fear of big words

The feeling of fear can be really overwhelming for the peoples. The fear can disturb their balance in work life as well as personal life.

What are the three main types of Phobia:

  1. Social Phobia

You may hear about social psychology but some social phobia there. Social phobia are those phobias which develop anxiety in you in front of the crowd of 50-200 peoples. The people suffer from social phobia can show deep anxiety when they are in a social situation like school gathering, speech, etc.

Social Phobia can be detected from the Avoidant Personality Disorder Test.

2. Fear of Injury 

No people like to being injured but when there stress about injury or injection increase than the normal limit it becomes a phobia for them.  The environment of medical care can be difficult for them.

3. Fear of safety

I am sure you must watch the phobia of safety in the movies. The Agoraphobia like the same thing as fear of safety etc. The people try to avoid any situation in which they find a lack of security like Sitting alone in his own car, being alone in the home and travel as stag etc.

You can explore the list of 100+ phobia here which you never read before:-

  1. Acousticophobia -          The irrational fear of sound
  2. Acrophobia -               The fear of air
  3. Agoraphobia -              The phobia of open space
  4. Aichmophobia -             The Phobia of knives
  5. Ailurophobia/Gatophobia -  Phobias of Cat
  6. Algophobia/Dynophobia-     The fear of pain
  7. Anthropophobia -           Males
  8. Anemohphobia -              Wind
  9. Arachnophobia -            Spiders
  10. Apiophobia-                Bees
  11. Asthenophobia -            Weakness
  12. Astrophobia -              The fear of fighting
  13. Autophobia/Monophobia-     Solitude
  14. Bathophobia -              Depths
  15. Batrachophobia-            Turtle
  16. Basiphobia -               Walking
  17. Belonephobia -             Needless
  18. Bibliophobia -             Books
  19. Botanophobia-              Plants
  20. Brontophobia-              Thunder
  21. Cacophobia -               Ugliness
  22. Callophobia-               Beauty
  23. Cheimophobia-              Cold
  24. Chionophobia -             Snow
  25. Chirophobia -              Hands
  26. Chromophobia -             Colours
  27. Chronophobia -             Time
  28. Cibophobia -               The Fear from Food
  29. Claustrophobia -           Closed Places
  30. Climacophobia -            Stairs
  31. Coitophobia -              Sexual Intercourse
  32. Coprophobia -              faces
  33. Cremnophobia -             Height
  34. Cynophobia -               Dogs
  35. Demophobia -               People
  36. Dermatophobia -            Skin
  37. Dipsophobia -              Wine, Thirst
  38. Dromophobia -              Streets
  39. Emetophobia -              Vomiting
  40. Entomophobia -             Insects



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