How To Cope With Anxiety In 2019 and Live a Stress Free Life in 4 Steps


Anxiety and Stress are the two friends of mental illness and becoming our family member as well. Anxiety and stress both reach in the life of every individual and destroying their life as well. The condition of mind is going weaker day by day. A lot of mental problems are surrounding us and we are not able to cope with any of them. Alone is U.S.A around 20 %-30 % peoples are suffering from serious mental problems because of the stress and anxiety. Today there is an Information era from Facebook to Instagram, Tiktok to youtube social media platforms are filled with tons of information and one thing is that the information change on a daily basis.

In the information world, we should train our mind to get rid out of anxiety and stress and focus on the solutions for coping with stress and anxiety. In this article, we are about to talk about five steps which are really essential for coping with life problem in everyday life. Some are myths and we aren’t aware of. Some are tips for better mental health.

attention, stress, anxiety, mind wavering

Here are the five steps for making our mind calmer and healthy:

  1. Don’t run for multi-tasking all the time

When we see successful people in the social world our anxiety increase and our jealousy bring stress into our life. We try to multitask everything without thinking about the capability of our mind.

We must understand the structure of our brain, the biological aspect of the brain. The brain is designed to pay attention to one task at one given time. If we try to skip one task and focus on another task at the same time then we lose our attention over time in our lifespan.

In the information age, we always distracted the main goal and wants to do a lot of other tasks. If we are a mental health professional and saw Ranbir Kapoor has got a lot of fame from acting we try to compare oneself to Ranbir Kapoor. This is just an example, information age brings a lot of instances in everyday life.

Just focus on the one given the task at the time and then move on to the next one.

2. Don’t be Hurry to put too much pressure to mind

attention, stress, anxiety, mind waveringIf you put too much pressure for your mind then you may have to face a lot of mental issues in the future. Suppose you are watching t.v and your best friend call you. you have to choose one task for the given two. if you try to talk on the phone and watch television at the same time then the situation becomes hectic for your mind to perform both tasks. You won’t perceive at all.

3. Take rest after a Tiring task

When you are over-occupied from your work and your mind is shivering and wavering. It’s the time for taking proper rest and take your time to refresh your mind. You can do deep breathing exercise or pursue some hobby.

According to a study, We should take5 minutes rest for every half hour of the task. We improve our attention span if we take rest properly after a specific timespan.

4. Checklist your Attention to get rid of Anxiety

attention, stress, anxiety, mind wavering

Attention gives direction to the brain. Brain release neurotransmitter message according to the instruction sent by our attention. Make sure to pay attention to the most appropriate task and achieve more in less time.

As we are discussing in this article that our attention has been captured by the number of distraction in this information world. We must show discipline towards choosing those things on which we should pay attention and which things are just dumb for us.

The brain has an infinte resource to go with. It is in our hand either to use the resources or go with the stress and anxiety all day long.


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