Cynophobia(Fear of Dogs) – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Dogs are the lifeline of many people nowadays. Dogs have been set to the favorite pet animal throughout the world. Successful personalities from all around the world are loving the dogs so much but there are still millions of people who still fearful of dogs and we call these people as cynophobic. Cynophobia is the extreme fear of dogs which people usually develop over the years or it can be biological also. Dogs is not a scary animal like snakes, spiders, and black cat but even people develop such symptoms of fear.

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What is Cynophobia(The fear of Dog)? 

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Cynophobia is the fear of dogs and it should be the most frequent phobia in the people lives. You can’t imagine your living surrounding and neighborhood until you live in the Antarctica region where no one lives. An individual may develop cynophobia for various reasons like he may get bitten from the dog in the early life, somewhat he may have a genetic connection with the dogs and the strong influence of harness towards dogs from the family members might be the causes of the phobia.

Insight Into the Phobia of Dogs

Phobia of dogs has been caused by several reasons. You might be caught by a dog in the child life and got stitches. Also, you may be influenced by your surrounding and loved ones. Probably people aren’t able to identify that they have a cynophobia or not. You can identify the phobia by going outside in between the dogs, you will find that anxiety level increase down your body, difficulty in breathing might be seen. You will develop a sense of fear even when you think about a dog as well.

Symptoms of Cynophobia

The symptoms of Cynophobia will vary depends upon person to person and severity of the symptoms as well. An individual may develop anxiety level when thinks about the dog while another one may show anxious behavior just when they confronted towards dogs.

You can identify the symptoms of anxiety from the following signs:

  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Increased Heart rate
  • Dizziness

Causes of Fear of Dogs

Cynophobia, fear of dogs, phobia of dogs, causes of cynophobia, treatment for cynophobia, symptoms of cynophobia

Fear of dogs can be caused by experience or from the influence. Most of the time negative events are the most seen causes of phobia of dogs. Early in childhood, children like to play with the dogs unconsciously and get stitches and bite from them. A dog can make a furious and fearful impression of a child’s mind that they made a phobia of dogs in the later life.

You may get influence from the surroundings or the parents who constantly warns you to stay away from the strange dogs because they might hurt you. When you get through the regular warning about the threats to the dogs then a child develops a permanent feeling of hatred against dogs. The risk of developing cynophobia increase with the instance where your family member gets hurt because of him.

What are the problems with a Cynophobic Person? 

Dogs are popular pet all around the world. He must be the most loved animal in the planet. So, how you can expect your life without dogs in the surroundings. You probably can’t join your friends in the outdoor trip and live in a camp. You can’t walk down the wood and parks. These sort of things will make your life limited and after this anxiety would be at the next level.

What are the treatments available for the Cynophobia?

There are some treatments and diagnosis there to help you. So you don’t need to go hyper with the such irrational fear in your life. You can easily able to overcome such irrational fear in a short span of time with proper consultation and guide.

CBT ( Cognitive Behavior Therapy) is extremely helpful in treating the extreme fear of dogs. CBT changes your emotions towards the particular things which are becoming the reason for your pain. CBT may involve with the Exposure therapy where professional will advise watching the video of the dog and after that, he might give you some soft toys to you and make familiar with the original dog. This way you change your emotions towards your fear and you can enjoy your fullest life with ease.

In those cases where medication is the only option which is required to handle your extreme anxiety and depression then it is advisable. But don’t take medicines from internet recommendation. You must have a prescription of it and also these medicines are extremely addictive and dangerous of your overall health as well.

What do you need to know about Phobia of Dogs as a caretaker? 

Cynophobia, fear of dogs, phobia of dogs, causes of cynophobia, treatment for cynophobia, symptoms of cynophobia

A caretaker is a responsible person which help a cynophobic person to get rid of mental problems and also give emotional support as well. As a caretaker, you need to educate yourself with the complete things about the phobia of dogs which will help a cynophobic person to reduce the risk of acquiring it.

Education is the best medicine to remove mental blocks. A caretaker can educate himself about the complication of a cynophobic person, risk factor involves a cynophobic person.


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