Would Daydreaming or Mind Wandering spread the word of Mental Health Awareness to people?

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Mental Health Awareness| It was a dogma that you just need physical fitness to live entirely in this era. Time has changed. We exist in a technology-friendly world, where Mental Health Awareness is becoming our primary need. Now is the time where mental health is gaining the importance of physical fitness. But, if you are not aware of the anxiety and depression. If you haven’t experienced anxiety and depression. It would be difficult for you to understand the real pain in the situation. Another dogma was Depression and Anxiety only effects on certain people’s.

Mental Health Awareness vs Physical Health Awareness

We are not here to talk about physical health. It is quite a broad spectrum in himself. Some have Blood Pressure problems, others have cold, joint pain, etc. This sort of physical illness can be clearly seen through our naked eyes. But, how about mental health.

Mental Health can be just observed through the behavior, not from the physical body condition. We are physically ill after mental disorders, this is quite rare. We are not talking about unusual things. We like to mention general things.

According to the recent study of The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, just 17% of the people’s are experiencing ‘Optimum level of mental health.’

Depression, anxiety, and stress could ruin your relationships, disturb sleep pattern, change social behavior, etc. They can bring floods of a problem into your life.

What is Mental Strength? How to Build Mental Strength

As a Psychology Student, we hear every day about the mental health problems of people’s in their day to day life. People are in a misconception that Mental Disorder is directly proportional to the weaker mind. But the reality is the exact opposite. Mental health can also be prevented by a healthy lifestyle, healthy meals, exercise, and get in shape.

When you suffer from Dengue, you lost your platelets and strengths in the muscles. Likewise, Depression and Anxiety distort the mental health muscles in our brain.

Is Daydreaming or Mind Wandering is the Solution to Mental Health Awareness?

Healthy Lifestyle is the best prevention of physical fitness. Likewise, healthy mental habits are the best prevention and best cure for the youthful mind.

Here are some tips to fight with the mental health illness

  1. Mental Health as Continuum – We don’t love an individual and boring life. All ups and downs are really fruitful for our mental strengths. So, practically accept the phenomenon that sometimes you are as high sky to mental health, but sometimes you are as low as hell to mental health.
  2. Sharing mental problems – When you greet people’s in the social gathering and meet your close friends, you must talk openly about your struggles and life’s problem. Word of mouth at the time to illness is the best therapy you can get.
  3. Help People’s in their tough time – Mental ill patient fails to recognize the mental health doctor consultation. He is not able to coin what to do or what not to do. Help him to book the appointment to professional and support him wisely.
  4. Build a Strong Mental Health with Tough Situations– Test yourself with the severe condition.

OBSTACLES DOesn’T HAVE TO withdraw YOU. IF YOU climb TO A wall. DON’T GIVE UP. FIGURE OUT HOW you can CLIMB IT. WORK or go through AROUND IT.

Mental Health Exercises that help to fight with negative thinking and uncomfortable emotions. Ask the problems of others and their most effective tools to handle self-doubt, feelings, etc.

5. Discuss with subordinates – When you are on work, you are familiar with other people’s the most and their daily routine and schedule. It is the sign of the leader to take the initiative about the problems and their preventive measures.

6. Daydreaming or Mind wandering– A recent research shows that mental break can make you more productive and happier.  Let’s look out some daydreams in your life, you are meeting your favorite actress, you are attending a grand celebration party, Do you start thinking of people who you about to achieve and how you are looking? After some seconds of daydreaming, flashback to your present and try to focus on the things which you are doing.

Mind Wandering or Daydreaming: the Best way to cure Mental Health Problems

Both have a negative image in society. This is the fact when you divert your focus on some other task, it’s hard to shift back your attention.

A research was made to check the effects of daydreaming to productivity. The results are

Sum up: All of the research shows that day wandering like you reshift your focus and unfocus times and times again, can be the best way to make are you more productive. The feelings of the new task and refreshment can be a significant cause for lower depression and your feelings.

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