Are You A Ailurophobic Person(Fear of Cats) – Ailurophobia


5 Interesting Ailurophobia Facts You Have Never Heard

  1. Some people may wonder to know about the third feeling towards cat other than hate or love i.e Fear or Phobia of Cat – Ailurophobia. 
  2. The heartbeat of an Ailurophobic person increases when they came into contact with the cat.
  3. If you try to make them understand that cat is just a pet animal and nothing harmful, they still feel anxiety in the presence of a cat
  4. Ailurophobic person fears of scratches or bites for which cat is known for. They feel physical unsafety from the cats.
  5. Ailurophobic person related cats to the black magic evil.
  1. Gatophobia
  2. Galeophobia

What Causes Ailurophobia? 

The two main reasons for the cat’s phobia
1. People feel physical harm from the scratches and bites from the palm of cats. Their nails are so strong that they can scratch anything. People develop a perception of fear against those scratches from past events or some past incidents.
2. The second most common reason for most of the people that their perception towards cat is evil. Cat has been recognized in the black magic to which people scared off.

What are the Secondary Reasons for the Ailurophobia?

There are plenty of reasons for developing the common symptoms of cat’s phobia.
1. Children really like to watch cartoon in their early life in which cat harms many people in the village. Such type of online programs creates stereotype among in the children for the cat that cat always harms others.
2. Women’s and men’s develop the phobia of cats while watching to the nature shows on the National Geographic or Animal Planet etc. They watch black cats in the jungle they are wild and dangerous too.
In reality, household cats are not wild but their perception towards every cat become the same.
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Ailurophobia Symptoms or Cat’s Phobia Symptoms

There are many symptoms or Ailurophobia or Fear of cat-like –
1. When an Ailurophobic person sees a cat, he tries to avoid the existence of her.
2. Some people also show panic attack when facing a cat in front of their eyes.
3. An Ailurophobic person always tries to avoid the neighbor who holds a cat as a pet animal.
4. Some symptoms are common for the most phobia like we covered previously fear of height, fear of long words, fear of sharp objects.
  • Nausea
  • Increased heartbeat
  • Numbness
  • Dizziness
  • Feeling Unsafe
  • Chest pain

How common is Ailurophobia?

Ailurophobia is one of the common specific phobias ever existed in the world. According to the study, around 20% of people alone in the United States of America suffered from Cat’s phobia. The ailurophobic person feels anxious or unsafe from the bitting or scratching of the cat.

Fear of Cats Phobia Treatment

Fear of cats treatment has been coined by the mental health professional in the psychiatric wards.
1. You will need a counseling session from the experienced professionals to get rid of Ailurophobia.
2. Cognitive Behavior Therapy is so much influential for the patient. Counselor creates that situation in which Ailurophobic person change their emotions towards cats from negative to positive. Your anxiety will convert into lovingness and your unsafe feeling will transform into blushing with the cat.
3. The surrounding can do wonder for you. You must create a positive environment around yourself for the cats and try to mold yourself into it.
4. Your desire to get rid of any phobia do more than 50% task of the counselor. One must positive self-image about oneself.
5. Hypnotherapy – You may hear about hypnotic in earlier life. Basically, hypnotherapy helps the subconscious mind to forget the moment in which you develop negative emotions because of a cat which is deeply connected with your phobia. Your subconscious mind is re-programmed to show affection for the cats, not an irrational fear.

Final Words to Ailurophobia

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Ailurophobia treatment is casual and common. You are not alone to fight with the phobia of cats. Around 20% of other people are also fighting with the same disorder and cure their phobia through cognitive behavior therapy, counseling, hypnotherapy or NLP whichever suits them after proper diagnosis. Just commit to following the guidance of a mental health professional.


What causes Ailurophobia?
Ailurophobic persons are very common in the mostly U.S.A. One out of Five people is suffering from common specific phobia like Ailurophobia. 
What is the fear of cats called?

Why do People like Cats?

Cat is a cute animal. Cats are the favorite pet in most of the countries like U.S.A, Europe, India. People have a deep love for the pet and cats are the favorite pets for millions of people.

Why do people hate cats?

Cats have been loved by millions of people but still, some peoples hate cats because of some negative flashbulb memories with the cats. Flashbulb memory is those memories which hit our brain because of some emotional touch and we can’t forget flashbulb memory through our lifetime.


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