Ultimate Guide to Know About Fear of flying(Aerophobia)

How do you help a person with the Aviophobia or Aerophobia

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Do you like to travel abroad i.e Singapore, U.K, Dubai, etc but fear of sitting in the flight, Aeroplane or helicopter then you may be suffering from fear of flying which is called as Aerophobia or Aviophobia. You may feel an extreme fear of flying while sitting in the flying vehicle. People with the Aerophobia or Aviophobia may feel an intense fear when they confronted towards flying. The fear may comes even while you are thinking about flying as well. An individual will try to avoid every possible instance in which he may get a chance to travel in a flying vehicle. Research has been conducted which show exact statistical analysis that 25% of all the traveled people have Aerophobia or Aviophobia.

What is Aerophobia or Aviophobia?

Fear of flying, phobia of flying, treatment of aerophobia, causes of aerophobia, treatment of aerophobia, aerophobia

Aviophobia sometimes called Aerophobia, is the irrational fear from flying vehicle in which you feel intense fear from flying high in the airplane, helicopter or private flying vehicle. You may not able to do sky adventure if you are having an intense fear of flying or phobia of flying. Some phobias like Acrophobia( fear of height) and Claustrophobia(fear of closed spaces) may associate with the Aviophobia or Aerophobia.

When an individual is exposed to the flight mild anxiety is quite common, but in a phobia of flying your level of anxiety would be greater. In the modern world where traveling is an inevitable part of an individual life living in a metropolitan city. People who are suffering from a phobia of flying will avoid business meeting and family gathering where they have to travel via a flight.

What are the symptoms of Aerophobia? 

The symptoms in Aerophobia will depend on person to person and level of severity. But some of the noticeable symptoms are:

  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Increased heart rate
  • Dizziness
  • Thought of Falling to death
  • Abnormal behavior
  • Extreme Nervousness

What are the Causes of Extreme Fear of Flying? 

Fear of flying, phobia of flying, treatment of aerophobia, causes of aerophobia, treatment of aerophobia

Extreme fear of flying can be caused by other related phobias, some physical factors, and the other factors as well.

Related Phobias

Acrophobia: Acrophobia is the phobia of height. People with acrophobia feel discomfort at a certain height. Sometime they can’t look down from the top of the building.

Claustrophobia: Claustrophobia is the irrational fear of closed space. People with the claustrophobia don’t be able to sit in a closed space.

Related Physical Conditions
  • Some pain and dizziness may cause in the ear.
  • Some cardiovascular disease may be associated with the fear of flying. You worry constantly about heart failure while sitting in an airplane.
Other Factors 

There are other factors that might be responsible for the phobia of flying:

Learned Experience: You will influence the environment where you are living. You may pick up extreme fear of flying from your friends and family members.

Genetic: We are by-products of our genes also we inherit almost everything from the parents. If our parents or grandparents are suffering from the aerophobia and aviophobia then chance to inherit the traits for the children would increase.

Traumatic Experiences: if you have confronted towards traumatic experience like airplane disaster, can trigger our emotions to feel fearful about the airplanes.

How to overcome the fear of flying (Aerophobia)

A good counselor can help you to fight with the extreme fear of flying. There are several techniques advisable by the counselors for the treatment:

  1. Cognitive Behavior Therapy: CBT is a good choice to getting over such fear like a phobia of flying. You can take individual or group classes as per your severity and convenience. ut
  2. Hypnotherapy and virtual reality techniques are quite trending nowadays to getting over the irrational fear of airplane.
  3. Exposure techniques always work when taken in experiences surveillance.
    Medication can work for you in some instance where you some urgency to take the flight and don’t have time to attend a psychotherapy session.

You should consult yourself with an experienced professional for help. The phobia of flying is not that big problem for an individual just you need to meet the right person for the consulting. You can get rid of the Aerophobia in several days as well.

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