Are you a Aichmophobic Person(Fear of Sharp Objects) Aichmophobia


Aichmophobia – Aichmophobia is the fear of a sharp object, needles, knives, pencil, pen, umbrella, edges, corner, etc. Aichmophobia is also called as the phobia of knives. This is not a natural thing. An Aichmophobic person may show nervous expression when expressed to the sharp objects or edgy things etc.
The fear of the edgy objects in the children is completely natural. Children in 2 years may feel worried about the needles or knives, but when the fear from sharp things goes beyond the natural expectations in the humans or adults then this condition is known as Aichmophobia.

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What are Aichmophobia and Aichmophobic person?

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When people start to feel an extreme fear of knives, fear of sharp objects, fear of scissors,
things that are sharp, etc. The things might not be really dangerous for the individual but they show deep anxious nature in front of sharp edgy objects. Then this condition is known as the Aichmophobia and the person who affected from the given situation are called a aichmophobic person.

Some Aichmophobia facts

The phobia of sharp objects can create a lot of difficulty in your day to day life. Like when you see a needle or knife you may wet out from the sweat or show deep anxiety in front of your family members.
The effect can destroy your balance in life whether you are at work or at home. The phobia is mostly seen in the adult and the children.

An Aichmophobic person will be anxious and worried in front of the pointed objects whether it may be a knife, bread cutter, sharp photo frame, corner of the mirror, etc.

Aichmophobia is also a weird and rare phobia that exists in the psychological world. The other rare specific phobias are agoraphobia, acrophobia, fear of long words, etc.
Belonephobia is also similar to the phobia of the needle with respect to the symptoms and fear. Belonephobia people will fearful of just needles and coins. Belonephobia is a small part of the phobia of sharp objects.

What is Belonephobia? It is similar to Aichmophobia

Belonephobia is defined as the irrational fear of the needles and the coins specifically. Belonephobia result in abnormal behavior in daily life like anxious, nausea and short breathing as well. Aichmophobia is deeply connected with the Belonephobia.

Belonephobia is just a little small part of the sharp objects but Aichmomania is the fear of being cut, things that are sharp, fear of knives, fear of sharp objects, fear of scissors, things that are sharp, etc. Aichmophobia is the bigger version of belonephobia. However, the treatment for both the phobias is the same.

What are the causes of Aichmophobia?

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The fear of sharp things is not to be a very common phenomenon. However, it is the rare specific phobia for edgy things and the needles. That’s why the cause of phobia of needles is not specific but the most probable causes are

1. Trauma Attack

When your mind suffers from some trauma attack in the past life and past incidents then it would be the probable causes of the phobia. The traumatic incident must be connected to sharp objects. Like when you fall apart from multi-story building suddenly you likely to develop a phobia of height i.e Acrophobia. The same with the phobia of needles as well.

2. Flashbulb memories of some instant

Flashbulb memories are those memories which we can’t forget throughout life because they trigger our heart form emotional touch. Let us assume an instant which we have seen in the Hollywood movies or Bollywood movies that Villain dies because of the bump from a sharp object. If we see the exact replica of the event we will definitely and develop a feeling of fear from a sharp object such as a knife and even needle etc.

3. Genetic Impact

We are an exact replica of our ancestors. Not just traits and behavior disorder can be inherited from the ancestors as well. If your parent may predispose with the aichmophobia you likely to develop that traits somewhere in your lifespan.

Aichmophobia Symptoms

Aichmophobia symptoms are easy to see. But the level of severity depends on the person to person. Some person may be less anxious but some are more nervous from the sharp objects. We are listing all symptoms you may have one symptom or all symptoms. You should get professional guidance after finding any symptoms of aichmomania in you.

1. Panic or nervous in front of the sharp objects
2. Heartbeat also increase in front of needles or edgy objects
3. You try to avoid to see the pointed objects like pencil, pen, and knives. Along with you are not ready to take the pointed object at all.
4. Short Breath

How It Will Affect My Daily Life?

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Aichmophobia can be a reason due to which your life balance can distort completely. Your daily life can change completely after feeling some symptoms of aichmophobia.
There is some area in which you may feel extreme difficulty.
1. Cut vegetables
2. Minor repairing at your home
3. Use scissors to cut your mustache
4. you may have some task related to the sewing machine but you can not run a sewing machine at all.
5. You can’t do artistic work. You feel the anxiety to touch paintbrush and pencil as well.

What is the Aichmophobia Treatment I Can Get?

Aichmophobia Treatment can be performed from an experienced counselor, mental health professional, and psychologist from the medication or psychotherapy.
The most effective method to get Aichmophobia Treatment is psychotherapy which includes isolating the causes of the phobia and learn to cope with the symptoms to experience sharp objects.

The other therapy includes CBT in which the therapy included change of emotions from negative to positive towards pointed objects.

What is the other similar phobia of sharp objects?

Trypanophobia and Belonephobia are similar phobias to the pointed objects. Belonephobia refers to the fear of the needles and coins specifically. But Trypanophobia is defined by the phobia to work with sharp tools and sharp objects. You just need professional guidance in the psychiatric hospital for the diagnosis of which one is yours. It may seem similar to you. You may not actually guess which phobia you suffered off.


What is the best phobia to describe phobia of pointed objects – aichmophobia or belonephobia?

The Belonephobia is the sub-part of the Aichmophobia which describes the fear from just needles and coins while Aichmophobia describes the phobia or fear from all sharp objects.

What is the beginner’s sign to Aichmophobia?

There are some signs which you can use to find the beginner moment in a phobia of pointed objects.

  • fear of being cut,
  • things that are sharp,
  • fear of knives,
  • fear of sharp objects,
  • fear of scissors,
  • things that are sharp,

What is needle phobia named off?

Belonephobia is best to describe the needle phobia. Aichmophobic person is the one who is affected by needle phobia.


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