Germophobia(Mysophobia) – Fear of Germs and Contamination

Germophobia(Mysophobia) - Fear of Germs and Contamination Treatment, Causes and Symptoms

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Mysophobia is the extreme fear of Uncleanliness, Germs, contamination, infection, and bacteria. Uncleanliness, Germs, contamination, infection, and bacteria can be a physical threat to our health. People’s who have constantly worried about uncleanliness, germs, contamination, infection, and bacteria are fall in the category in the psychology dictionary where we call these people Germophobic and Germophobia or Mysophobia is denoted for the extreme fear of germs, fear of infection, fear of contamination. Mysophobia is the irrational fear of microbes or germs. We can use Germophobia or Mysophobia alternatively. The people with excessive fear about the contamination tend to develop Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders. You can see these people with cleaning their hand for more than normal time.

What is Mysophobia or Germophobia?

Mysophobia is the excessive fear of microbes and germs. The people with the germophobia usually spend a lot of times in the cleaning activity for themselves and they spend most of the time in thinking of the cleanliness as well.

A Mysophobic person also spends a lot of money on the hygienic products and always worried about the contamination, uncleanliness, germs, and infection. Mysophobia has another name as

  • Germophobia
  • Verminophobia
  • Bacillophobia
Other Specific Phobias

Phobia of Crowd – Enochlophobia

Phobia of Women – Gynephobia

Phobia of Men – Androphobia

Phobia of Sharp Objects – Aichmophobia

What are the risk factors involved in Germaphobia?

 fear of germs, fear of contamination, Mysophobia, Germophobia, Treatment of mysophobia, causes of mysophobia, symptoms of mysophobia

In the planet of 84,00,00,000 species mostly are insecticides and invisible germs. Germs are present everywhere in the climate. If you are careful about contamination and hygiene is a natural thing. But when the fear of germs will start to impregnate in your daily life then it’s hard for you to cope up with other things.

People with mysophobia will be panic in any situation in daily life when they find unhygienic and contamination. They are continuously worried about exposing themselves to a contaminated place.

What are the Causes of Fear of Germs?

Fear of germs is the excessive fear about Uncleanliness, Germs, contamination, infection, and bacteria. People with the phobia of germs may find difficult to cope with daily life activities. There are following reasons which are responsible for fear of germs:

  • When an individual experience a traumatic event in the lifespan then an individual may believe that gems or contamination are bringing stress in their life.
  • People who are facing behavioral issues like Obsessive-compulsive disorder tend to develop a feeling of scared of germs and afraid of contamination. The sufferer wants to wash his/her hands as often as possible, which is one of the qualities of OCD. Normally, if there should be an occurrence of Mysophobia, the inspiration to every now and again wash comes from the dread of organisms, not at all like that in the OCD where it is all the more a matter of following a daily schedule. That being said; most patients are known to experience the ill effects of the two conditions. An intensive medicinal assessment is thus important to decide whether it is Mysophobia or OCD.
  • A recent case shows that Anxiety or depression are also some of the reason for developing symptoms of Mysophobia.
  • Genetics are also be the reason for Germophobia. A child with OCD caregivers or Mysophobic parent will likely develop symptoms of Mysophobia.

What are the symptoms of Mysophobia?

Germophobia symptoms will differ from person to person but here are the most often symptoms are:

  • Mostly engaged in washing hands
  • Maintain distance with a stranger
  • Don’t like pet animals like dogs and cats
  • Denial to go into the crowd
  • Constantly checking with the hygiene products,
  • Shaking
  • Sweating
  • Multiple showers during the day
  • Deny to share food

Complications with Mysophobic Person

Mysophobia is the irrational fear of germs. A mysophobic person may be scared to germs carried by other people’s also. The risk involves isolation from the social situation and exposes to the strangers. You are probably not able to attend a business meeting, eat dinner or sit at a contaminated place. These lack of social situation may impinge loneliness, stress, and more anxiety.

Also, you can’t contact with the more personal because of irrational fear. When you avoid joining your friends and family member they wouldn’t be so hostile with you. You may also develop a personality disorder or social phobia.


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