Is Black Apple Really An Apple Information Processing Approach

Is Black Apple Really An Apple Information Processing Approach


Information Processing Approach – The understanding of memory is the main concern of cognitive psychology. The psychology of cognition learns about the information processing theory and information processing approach. The information processing approach act in the way in which any piece of information comes out or which people encounter from the environment or external stimuli.

nformation Processing Approach

How did the information processing approach work?

The external environment where the information has come to process certain signals or certain kinds of information and this information is detected by the mind or the brain by the process called attention and this information separate the different formats of information which are passed on from the environment so the information which is passed on from the environment could be in visual medium it could be auditory medium or two senses heptic medium or the taste medium.

The information processing approach helps humans for detecting the system through the process of attention it is passed on to Short term memory.

What is Short term memory? 

The short term memory is a system or its a place where information which is taken in through a process or perception using attention is thrown here or is put for storage.

The information processing approach includes transferring of the information from short term memory to the long term memory. Long term memory is the primary storage system to the brain. It is like ROM( Read-only Memory) for the brain system.

Schemas in Information Processing Approach

The information from long term memory is been categorized into something called a schema. Thkede schema is the mental codes of the world. Information in LTM is stored in interrelated netwok of these schemas. Related schemas are linked together and information that activates one schema also activates other that are closely linked.


LTM storage is organized into schemas. The schemas help in diverting our attention to relevant information and allow us to filter what is unimportant.

Visual Memory is the best way to memorize anything faster.

Long term memory takes information from the short term memory from already existing long term memory information, for example, the next time you see the apple you don’t need to what is an apple, how Apple looks like, What happened when is an apple presented to you this apple is perceived by your perceptual system.

The perceptual system tells you about the scale, color, shape and this kind of information textures on to short term memory. Short term memory takes this information ask the long term memory in terms of given the fact that this is the format and this is the meaning of this is the kind of information that is coming from this structure or these mental representations what could be the long term memory then compares this information and tells you this is an apple or if tomorrow a black apple comes in now when I taste it.

When you see it it looks like an apple but the possibility of black apple is not there so what the brain will do is take this black colored apple compare it with features which are existing in the long term memory.

Hence black apple has most of the features which are similar to any other apple only the color is different so what would happen is black apple would be considered in the category of apple which is already stored in the long term memory with an exception of its color.

Conclusion: Information Processing Approach

Information processing approach says that any information comes in or passes through certain stages and these stages define how a piece of information or mental activity defines how an information path is processed through this system.


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