Sexting is good or bad for building a healthy relation

Sexting is dangerous if it will do in access.

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Kik Sexting is just a messenger application, that allows sending an anonymous message to anyone. In the normal messaging app it verified by your phone number, it will be very easy to track back but in this Kik messenger app, you create only your username so it is much difficult to track you back. Kik app become get famous for sexting. Now the question arises in your mind. What is Sexting? Sexting refers to a way to explore sexuality things but under a certain limit If your partner gets comfortable.

What is Sexting?

Sexting refers to term sending sexual content to someone by the help of technology like phone, emails or app or any other platform. If we see all around it is increasing in a huge amount there are many applications which are promoting these things openly like Kik is one of the most downloadable applications of the sexting.

Sexting involves the post like photos, videos or blogs as:

  • Sexual message to their partner
  • Sexting increases through the webcam in the form of live chats
  • Nude or semi-nude pics sharing
  • Many gifs with sexual scenes
  • Screen recorded videos or screenshots are increasing day by the day.

According to the report, which I have given below 49% of adults sent these types of content to their boyfriend/ girlfriend.

Sometimes, many people take it seriously but some people doing this is only for enjoying.

Survey of Sexting

If you read the full report then you will get totally surprised what is going on your environment, where our youth are diverted their attention. I personally suggest read the full report and share to all your friends.

According to a survey of 2013, the National Report has given the shocking results:

  • 49% of messages sent to their partner in the form of a girlfriend/ boyfriend.
  • 43% of messages sent to someone those we like and want to come in a relationship with him/ her.
  • 31% of messages sent only for fun only those who knew online not personally.
  • 20% of messages sent to those who don’t know each other.

Now, after seeing this report you will get all the information that 20% of such messages are also sent to those who we never know physically or socially.

Now, you are thinking Is sexting really be helpful for your relation?

sexting, kik sexting, what is sexting, what does sexting mean,sexting effects

You have to think before sending a sexual message to someone because it requires mutual trust, consent or respect to their partner. If you sext someone then it important you must feel him/ her comfortable- you need to be persuaded, anyone.

  • Sexting makes your relationship stronger.
  • It completes your physical desire without actually get physical.
  • It will be more comfortable through webcam than doing physical.
  • Never pressure anyone for sexting, make him comfortable.

If you are thinking for sexting, then must ask some question to yourself:

Q. How much do I know that person I’m Sexting?

Ans. If you know well, you have a healthier relation between both of you and both understand each other than it will be best.

Q.Do you have guts to send such type of content to someone?

Ans. If you have guts, you can send it very carefully.

Q.Will the police get involved or not?

Ans. It is the personal matter between the two people and it is not any physical, it is just virtual so no police will get involved.

You must have to think before sexting, to anyone. It will ruin your life must read the laws of our country before doing any such mistake.


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