Can ‘Mental Hai Kya’ Improve the Individuality of Peoples

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Mental Hai Kya: Mental Hai kya is gonna be the next Bollywood film who are based on some psychology awareness. Basically, Mental hai kya is talking about the individuality. This is the first film who is based on mental health awareness in the modern world. Some Bollywood and Hollywood actors also confess their mental health issues in daily life and why Indian need such film who talk about the importance of mental health consequences. There are many films in Hollywood who also discussed the mental disorder and they screened perfectly on the big screen.

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The movies related  to mental disorders are:

  1. The Soloist
  2. Touched with fire
  3. Silver lining playbook
  4. A Beautiful Mind
  5. I smile back
  6. The Snake Pit

In the modern world, people feel so much stress and depression not only at work but at home as well. Anxiety reaches every home mainly in the metropolitan cities. People are nowadays also aware with the current change in the neurobiological process.

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The Teaser of ‘Mental Hai Kya‘ has been released last weak along with the star cast Rajkumar Rao and Kangna Ranaut. The typical poster is also in the rumors. No one is sure about what is actually be screened on the big screen. According to the producer, Mental hai kya is about individuality in the psychological and behavioral sciences.

In the era of social media, people are losing their individuality and want to be the other person. The following reason can well explain the examples of loss of individuality.

  • They want to travel to the Goa just because his friends have been in Goa.
  • They want to go to the gym just because he really likes the pictures of Hrithik Roshan body.
  • A girl wants a life partner just Varun Dhawan because Varun Dhawan looks stunning in the movies.
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  • You want to earn more money just listen to the Warren Buffet advice on money.
  • You want to be a motivational speaker just because you listen Vivek Bindra and he generates a lot of income from the motivational workshops.

According to the Indian Psychiatric Association about 1/4 of the person is suffering from mental health issues. People are not ready to commit or accept their mental health problems because of some social stigma. He is quite fearful with the Society members that Society members might feel his mind when he talks about his mental sufferings.

What is Individuality in Psychology or Neuroscience?

The definition of Individuality has been revealed by the Krishna in the Bhagwat Gita verses. The individuality is the traits of yours which makes you different from all over the world. The individuality of the humans is decided by the DNA. Just like two DNA can’t be the same, just like every traits and behavior of human is different.

The quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind, especially when strongly marked.

Every human is designed in such a way that he can make his own importance not just copy other human beings. Krishna warns Radha for her individuality. She starts to think that Krishna is just perfect and she just needs to depend on Krishna on every aspect. She lost her complete individuality in her life and makes trouble in her life and in krishna’s life as well.


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