Monophobia-Everything you need to Know About Fear of Being Forgotten Treatment, Causes and Symptoms

Little known ways to understand Autophobia, Monophobia, Isolophobia, Eremophobia

Monophobia ,Autophobia ,Eremophobia ,Isolophobia ,Fear of being alone, ,The fear of being forgotten, ,How to Get Rid Out of Autophobia? ,Symptoms of Phobia of Being Alone

Monophobia is the phobia of the fear of being alone which can be triggered when you spend your spare time alone. It is an anxiety disorder. Monophobia i.e the fear of being forgotten has another name as well autophobia, eremophobia, isolophobia, fear of abandonment, fear of loneliness, fear of losing someone, fear of isolation, etc. An individual can experience difficulty in day to day life. The individual who experiences monophobia is called a monophobic person.

Firstly, we try to explain the autophobia, monophobia, the fear of being alone, isolophobia, eremophobia, etc. In this article, we presented a helpful resource about monophobia, autophobia, what are the symptoms of fear of being alone? What are the causes of autophobia, what are the treatment option of monophobia, etc?

What is the Fear of Being Alone/Autophobia/Monophobia?

The fear of being alone is the term used to represent many fears like sometimes a person may fearful to isolate from a particular person, at the same time another person may fearful of living alone, some are fearful to be at home alone, etc. The symptoms of fear can be varied from person to person. It is a severe anxiety disorder which can cause traumatic experience for an individual.

Sometimes people may get confused with different words for fear of being alone. It can be represented by Monophobia, Autophobia, Isolophobia or Eremophobia, etc.

What are the risk factors involved in the fear of being alone?

The fear of being alone can be triggered by different psychological causes. The fear of being forgotten can be a traumatic experience for a person at home, while if you are at public you may develop a fear of being forgotten due to agoraphobia.

The people with autophobia or monophobia may not be alone but they feel fear of isolation, fear of being forgotten, etc. This anxiety disorder disturbs a person life completely due to excessive anxiety. In medical science, an autophobia is associated with fear of spend time alone.

When you fear of being alone started to destroy your complete day, It’s time to visit an experienced mental health professional. Several treatment options are available for the autophobia or monophobia like phobias.

Loneliness and Monophobia

Monophobia  ,Autophobia  ,Eremophobia  ,Isolophobia  ,Fear of being alone,  ,The fear of being forgotten,  ,How to Get Rid Out of Autophobia?  ,Symptoms of Phobia of Being Alone

Loneliness is the situation which lacks social interaction and lack of loving emotions in-person day to day lives. Love is the most powerful emotion to get rid of the anxiety of peoples but when a person starts to experience loss of love from the life he became anxious automatically.

While monophobia is the irrational fear in which you afraid of being alone. When you are alone you level of anxiety start to increase but sometimes even a thought can destroy your whole day.

Fear of Being Forgotten or Autophobia Causes

Fear of being forgotten causes are not certain it can be depended upon person to person.

  1. Some past experience in childhood may also be associated with the fear of abandonment.
  2. The genetic connection can also be related to the fear of being forgotten.
  3. The long term stress is also a key reason for developing a fear of being forgotten.
  4. Sometimes bad relationships can be a cause of loneliness and fear of loneliness thereafter.
  5. Stress from low economic conditions is also a cause of fear of alone.

Why do people have Monophobia?

According to the studies, most of the phobias are causes because of the low emotional intelligence among people. Emotional intelligence is the tool which can identify from wisdom people and fearful peoples.

Bad parenting is one of the causes of developing stress and anxiety in the child which results in the phobias and manias. Emotional love and affection are the most desired things in early childhood.

An individual can lose interest in life, may suffer from low self-esteem, some suicidal thoughts might come into his mind.

Symptoms of Phobia of Being Alone

Monophobia  ,Autophobia  ,Eremophobia  ,Isolophobia  ,Fear of being alone,  ,The fear of being forgotten,  ,How to Get Rid Out of Autophobia?  ,Symptoms of Phobia of Being Alone

Phobia of being alone is the specific phobia in the list of phobia. The symptoms of monophobia may differ from person to person, some individuals experience emotional difficulty while others experience physical pain. Here are all the symptoms of phobia of alone depending upon the causes and severity of the anxiety disorder.

  1. Fear of death or suicidal thoughts
  2. Fainting
  3. Fear of losing control from oneself.
  4. Mentally disturbed
  5. Excessive anxiety
  6. Fear of choking
  7. Palm shaking
  8. Increased heart rate
  9. Increased blood pressure
  10. Chest pain
  11. Numbness
  12. Nausea
  13. Uncomfortable

Sometimes stress from a bad relationship, socio-economic condition and loneliness for a long time is also associated with the monophobia.

What is the other phobia associated with Monophobia?

Monophobia is itself have many synonyms like autophobia, eremophobia, isolophobia, fear of abandonment, fear of loneliness, fear of losing someone, fear of isolation, etc. But other specific phobias associated with the cause of monophobia.


Agoraphobia is the phobia of fear of leaving the house, fear of going outside, fear of small spaces, fear of wide-open spaces, fear of being trapped, fear of leaving home,  fear of public places, fear of crowds, public transit, shopping center, outside their home, open space, closed space etc. An agoraphobic person feels extreme fear from the open space outside their home.


Thanatophobia is the fear of death. Death is the instance of life which itself make a person overwhelming but those individual suffer from thanatophobia thinks all day long about the death and these thoughts become the permanent part of their life which makes their life full of stress and anxiety.


What is the available treatment for Monophobia or fear of being alone?


How to Get Rid Out of Autophobia?

Treatment of the autophobia depends upon the timeline of the symptoms. if you experience these symptoms for the period of six months then you need to visit a mental health professional but when your symptoms are mild, you can experience some self-help techniques like meditation, yoga, exercise, etc.

When you have severe symptoms so that your everyday life is disturbed then you need to visit a psychiatric hospital or counseling service. A counselor may advise you to give advice for getting rid of autophobia.

Hypnotherapy for Autophobia

When people listen to the hypnotherapy, they have certain stereotypes in their mind that they have to lose control of themselves and may get robbed from the other person. But hypnotherapy nowadays is the gift of social science which makes a person unconscious and a counselor can able to shift the emotions of an individual.

Medication for Fear of Being Alone

Medication is one of the alternate options for the treatment of autophobia or monophobia. But medication can reduce the symptoms of monophobia or autophobia. Medication like anti-depressant and beta-blockers can not treat any other phobia like fear of being forgotten, fear of abandonment, etc.

Meditation and Relaxation Exercise for Monophobia

An individual can take care of themselves with the meditation and the breathing exercise. Guided meditation, JPMR, deep breathing, and muscle relation are parts of the fear of being alone or fear of being forgotten.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Isolophobia

According to the study, CBT can cure almost any phobia. CBT is successful at 75% times you can take help of an experienced counselor to take of yourself. You can heal yourself in one week or one month depends upon the severity.


Fast facts about Monophobia or Autophobia

Monophobia  ,Autophobia  ,Eremophobia  ,Isolophobia  ,Fear of being alone,  ,The fear of being forgotten,  ,How to Get Rid Out of Autophobia?  ,Symptoms of Phobia of Being Alone

  • Autophobia or monophobia is the
  1. Fear of being alone,
  2. The fear of being forgotten,
  3. Phobia of being alone,
  4. fear of loneliness,
  5. Afraid of being alone,
  6. Fear of losing someone,
  7. Hate being alone,
  8. Hate being ignored,
  9. Scared of being alone,
  10. Scared of being left behind,
  11. Fear of being alone at night

An individual with the symptoms like dizziness, nausea, chest pain, suicidal thoughts for a period for 6 months in minimum then he may befall into the category of monophobia, isolophobia, autophobia, eremophobia.

A bad relationship, excessive stress, past experience are one of the major cause of monophobia, isolophobia, autophobia, eremophobia.

An individual can completely heal yourself after psychotherapy from a recognized therapist.

Fear of Abondonement Name

Fear of abonedonement is also known as the fear of being alone which is known as monophobia, isolophobia, autophobia, eremophobia, etc. Sometimes, fear of abondonement also known as from other names like The fear of being forgotten, phobia of being alone, fear of loneliness, afraid of being alone, hate being alone, hate being ignored, scared of being alone, scared of being left behind, fear of being alone at night, etc.

I’m scared to get close and I hate being alone

If you scared to get close then you may have fear of intimacy or fear of sex which can affect a person personal love life at the same time you also hate being alone then you may get through phobia of being alone.

These combinations of two phobias can be extremely difficult to cope up with. You need frequent sessions from a renowned psychotherapist to deal with.

Monophobia meaning? Autophobia meaning

Monophobia and Autophobia are the Greek words:

Monophobia – Mono means ‘Self’ and Phobia means ‘Irrational Fear’

Autophobia – Auto means ‘Self’ and Phobia means ‘Irrational Fear’

Autophobia or Monophobia is the irrational fear of self or they are afraid of themselves of being alone.


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