The Weirdest Thing In The World- Fear of Love: Philophobia

Afraid of Love. Fear of Being Love: Philophobia

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Surprise, gift, love affection and love are a gift for many people. Very few people establish strong bonds in this century. But for some people creating a strong bond, being loved and falling in love is a curse. Fear of Love or Fear of falling in love must be the weirdest thing in this world. People are fearful of love which is the most powerful emotion in the entire world. Love is the most powerful among all emotions like fun, amusement, achievement, etc. Philophobia is the word used to denote fear of love or fear of falling in love. Philophobic is the person who feels nervous and uncomfortable when you talk about love with him/her. The love phobic person is the guy who will be anxious when he thinks about loving some, show affection to someone and gets attention from peoples.


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