How To Get Rid of Phobia of Long Words At Home


Phobia of long words: Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. The fear of long words has alternate name sesquipedalophobia which means ‘The fear of one and a half feet’. The people affected from the phobia of long words feel anxiety or stress when presented with the long words, big words, or large words. The people are so confused about the pronunciation for fear of long words. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia can be understood from the Oxford dictionary. According to the Oxford dictionary, “Hippopotamine” refers to the “Something very large” or “extra large”. We are well aware of the monster. The child has been terrified by the fear of the monster right from childhood. So, the complete meaning of Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia “Long words as the monster” – “fear of long words.” 

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Can Sesquipedalophobia Happen To Me?

The sesquipedalophobia is very rare phobia in the dictionary of phobias. You won’t notice any sesquipedalophobia affected patient in your neighborhood. That’s why you hard to find the actual things. But good health professional is there to solve your any query in the psychiatric ward.

If you ask ‘Can sesquipedalophobia happened to me“. As a psychologist, I will answer yes. I also suggest some good tips to recover from the phobia of long words which you can try at home. According to the present, not any case require to admit in the psych wards.

You can visit the professional place to diagnose fear of big words but it doesn’t a big deal to cure such phobia at home.

What are the available treatments for the Phobia of Long Words? 

According to the present time psychiatrist or other mental health professional has not announced its official existence. But they know the treatment and professional guidance to cure your disorder.

  1. The sesquipedalophobia or Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia can be treated at that place where it gets its shape. The meaning is from where you develop the fear of large words there you will find the treatment of it. The various activities like active reading, trying to make friends with big words, etc.
  2. Medicine and drugs are the last options if some extreme case is presented. Unless if you just involved in the active reading plan can so much for the cure of phobia of long words.
  3. When the affected person is confronted with large words then it automatically reduces the effect of phobia.
  4. The whole process may take time for recovery. All you need to do is to take care of your loved one and actively reminds to read long-long paragraphs, novels.
  5. The believe can move the mountains. It is a fact when you believe in you, then there is a chance you can move the mountain. The belief in the patient affected by the fear of long words that he will be fine very soon can do a lot more than any treatment. The belief of caretaker is equally responsible for the whole recovery.


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