Why we able to listen music through Phonological Loop

phonological Loop

The phonological loop is part of the working memory. The conceptualization of the working memory is done with the element called a phonological loop along with the central executive psychology and the visuospatial sketchpad. Three subparts of the working memory area phonological loop, central executive and a visuospatial sketchpad are combined to form the working memory in the short term memory store.

Phonological Loop is the sub-component of the working memory. It is managed by the central executive who is called as the manager of working memory.  Visuospatial Sketchpad process that information which is verbal in nature. The loop is also responsible for processing the auditory information to the other subsystems.

So the information which is verbal in nature and in the auditory form is managed by loop after the instruction sent from the central executive. The phonological loop has an alternate name which is called an articulatory loop.

Working of the Phonological Loop

Phonological Loop

The central executive also processes the information to the long term memory. The central executive takes the auditory information and pushes this information into the loop.

The loop has the idea of subvocal rehearsal. The auditory rehearsal is done by the phonological loop. The loop has an auditory code which enables you to remember the visual images of the object.

If the information passed on STM is of auditory nature this same information pushed onto the phonological working memory. The auditory information is rehearsed back to remember things in subvocal rehearsal.

The phonological working memory has two different systems

  1. Phonological Buffer
  2. Subvocal rehearsal

The phonological buffer keeps the information ready for being accessed.

The sub-vocal rehearsal is the process which decides the process to be in loop or not. If this kind of information is needed then it held in the loop.

The phonological loop is also responsible for the recycling of the items.

If the information is not in the vocal period then the information is passed on to the visuospatial sketchpad.

What is phonological working memory?

When we talk about the phonological working memory, It is the sub-part of the central executive which manages the whole work of the working memory. The phonological working memory is responsible for processing the auditory inputs from the LTM.

How does phonological loop work?

Let’s take an example. There is a music going on and you try to understand the lyrics of the song.

The working of the loop starts with processing the auditory information from the environment, the auditory information processes at central executive then transferred to the phonological loop from an episodic buffer to the Long term memory store. The LTM process the information as demanded and send back to the central executive through the episodic buffer and the phonological loop.

After the complete processing, you can able to understand the lyrics of the song.


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