Physical Development Stages in Lifespan Psychology

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Physical Development Stages are one of the most studies and most researches section of developmental psychology.  When we talk about physical development we have to consider the height, weight, height-width ratio, physical strengths.

Human growth and development is started from birth and mainly growth was up still till adulthood. While body parts like the human head can grow mostly in the early stage of life. While the bones and the internal organs grow till the adolescence.

Physical Development Stages in Lifespan Psychology

There are many books who tell about the developmental stages of life. You can search out some book online to know a detailed version of the stages of lifespan development, 12 developmental stages of life, psychology stage of development.

Fruits of stages of lifespan development

There are twelve stages of life which give some fruit of age you proceed to stages of lifespan development.

  1. Prebirth: Potential
  2. Birth: Hope
  3. Infancy (Ages 0-3): Vitality
  4. Early Childhood (Ages 3-6): Playfulness
  5. Middle Childhood (Ages 6-8): Imagination
  6. Late Childhood (Ages 9-11): Ingenuity
  7. Adolescence (Ages 12-20): Passion
  8. Early Adulthood (Ages 20-35): Enterprise
  9. Midlife (Ages 35-50): Contemplation
  10. Mature Adulthood (Ages 50-80): Benevolence
  11. Late Adulthood (Age 80+): Wisdom
  12. Death & Dying: Life

The physical developmental stages in the contrast of human growth and development are defined by milestone he achieved from his body while growing up. The term milestone refers to the stage of developmental psychology that has taken part according
to the age of the childlike 2 year old milestones, 2 year old milestone of a toddler, the height-weight ratio of 23 months baby,

The developmental milestones of life can be

Lifespan development stages

The lifespan development stage of a child involves example of milestones in a 1-year child, he starts the walk and standing at the age of 1 year, start saying a few words by the time they are one half or two, he starts to point out objects from the index finger, he is able to play with them softball, he can start his play school and engaged with the other child of 2 years.

There are various activities for 2-year child

  1. He can play with the toys
  2. He can play with video games
  3. He can be uttering some words
  4. He can walk
  5. He can play Simon Says

4 Stages of life psychology

Stages of Life psychology involves four main developmental periods of human beings

1. Childhood and adolescence ( birth to the age of 20)
2. Early adulthood ( age 17 to 20)
3. Middle adulthood ( age 40 to 65)
4. Late adulthood ( 60+)

Human development stages or stages of life psychology i.e developmental stages of lifespan psychology has been successfully passed can be known from the developmental milestones of a child in his early childhood.

If the child able to possess all the stages of life psychology than most of the probability says that he can also, possess to pass other stages smoothly as well.

Parents are so much tensed about the Psychological stages of development in a child. They need to learn the developmental milestones of a child according to stages of psychological development. They can consult to the child psychologist to know what are the stages of
psychological development and how they do better parenting for proper growth and nourishment in their child.

Examples of Special Human developmental stages

There are some examples of the human developmental stages which mark the accomplishment of the child are:

  • Walking ability in the infancy period
  • Entering School in early childhood
  • Change in intelligence
  • Ability to reasoning
  • Ability to memorize things
  • Impact of life events and things


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