Psychological Emotions: Plays a role in the liking of the person

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Psychological Emotions are termed as the positive or negative experiences associated with our particular pattern of psychological activity. Emotions are one of the important feelings of human Character. By the help of the emotions, we can make everyone like us or dislike us. Emotions play a major role in the development of mankind. As we all know that Girls are more emotional than Boys. Do you ever think what is the Psychology behind this? In these blogs, I am going to tell you about the Psychology of Emotions. The major role is played by the Amygdala in developing human emotional responses. Freezing is considered a species-specific response to the threat that makes the animal motionless.

Brain Structure Response of the Psychological Emotions Chart

 powerful emotions, types of emotions, emotions, teenage emotions, example of emotions
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Mind harm and injury think about likewise affirm these discoveries. A sore of focal core debilitates solidifying molding. Damage to the amygdala in human beings increases the threshold of perception and expression of emotion. Human beings with damaged orbitofrontal cortex damage resemble those with amygdala-lesion. They have impairment of reactions to emotional stimuli and decision making.

Feelings (or Mood) vs Emotions

“Mood” is an extremely regular word in our everyday life. People think that these both word “emotions” and “mood” are the same. But psychologist defines the exact definition of both words. Emotion is generally short-lived, but intense. In a similar manner, Emotions are likely to have a definite and identifiable cause.

Example of psychological emotions: after disagreeing your friend suggestion over politics, you might feel angry for some time which is only for a short period of time. This case will refer to the condition of emotions. There are many times we feel gloomy for several days without any clear reason, the identifiable reason this case is long lasting so it will come under the section of mood. Must Check the complete list of all Human Emotions.

Psychology: Recapitulation

 powerful emotions, types of emotions, emotions, teenage emotions, example of emotions, psychological emotions

Allport has characterized identity as “the dynamic association inside the person of those psychophysical frameworks that decide his one of a kind changes in accordance with his condition.

The hypotheses of identity can be arranged into four noteworthy methodologies—

  • type and trait approaches
  • dynamic approach
  • learning and behavioral approach
  • humanistic approach

1.Type Approach

Hippocrates proposed sanguine, melancholic, choleric and phlegmatic types of personality.  Myer Friedman and Ray Rosenman came forward with Type A and B classification.


2. Trait Approach

According to Allport, all these three traits cardinal, central and secondary traits constitute one’s psychological life histories. Julian Rotter proposed a single trait, locus of control whereas Cattell identified 16 factors to describe personality.

3. Dynamic Approach

Sigmund Freud proposed the ideas of id, inner self, and superego. He likewise gave the ideas of oblivious, preconscious and cognizant states and furthermore discussed the phases of psychosexual development. Alfred Adler gave the idea of inadequacy and pay.

4. Learning and Behavioural Approach

Dollard and Miller attempted testing the Freudian concept of neurotic behavior in rats in the laboratory. Skinner thought about that ‘what a great many people call identity is really an accumulation of strengthened reactions’.

5. Humanistic Approach

 Humanistic psychology contains several approaches to counseling and therapy. As per Gestalt treatment,” Which offer significance to at this very moment, which tells how these past encounters have an effect on your present”


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