Taboo Of The Sales Can Be Solved By The Psychology Of Selling

Taboo Of The Sales Can Be Solved By The Psychology Of Selling, How to sell something

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The Psychology of selling| Selling is an art, not a study. We know colleges that know spread the words about the sales graph and consumer behavior. But in India, there is no proper awareness of the sales institute in India. The sales professional are the ones who drive the economy of the country. Marketing takes credit when sales been completed. When the sales graph goes down marketing team blame on sales professional.

We can’t imagine even the fractional growth of the economy of the country in the absence of the salespeople. Regardless of so much importance of the salespeople in the country, the psychology of sales among people are not so good. Salespeople are still in the courtyard and don’t get proper respect from the society in the earlier days. Sales are the only profession through which you can able to complete all your dreams.

Sales professional are the small scale entrepreneurs. They write their own paycheck and fulfill their all needs of life. Shiva Khera give his whole life in answer to the question of what is the psychology of selling in the modern times? And he answered it brilliantly in the book You Can Sell – Results Are Awarded, Efforts Aren’t

We know a great sales leader from our country Shiva Khera. He has established a private firm in the U.S.A from selling. He joined the sales field as a professional in little later in his life. When asked him, which career you want to opt in the earlier days in your life. He replied, “If I get a chance to go into my earlier days I gotta choose sales as a profession not another profession, Even the salaries sales professional.”

Shiva Khera believed in the quote

Pay Me nothing i can’t produce anything

The Psychology of Selling on the Basis of Personality

The psychology of selling has been written by a renowned author and selling has been widely discussed by the renowned author Shiva Khera as well.

Currently, we are taking advice from the Shiva Khera. He believes that sales professional try to change their personality style from person to person, buyer to buyer. His formula of selling is personalizing and aware of the surroundings and circumstances to establish the rapport.

Prospect may vary in their behavior

  • Some prospects are polite and courteous while others are rude and ill-mannered
  • Some prospects are very open minded while some are not so open
  • Some prospects are strong in decision-making while others are weak in decision making
  • Some prospects are ready to take risks while others feel hesitation in the risks.
  • Some prospects are ready to listen to your point while others are impatient at all and not ready to listen to your side.
  • Some are calm and introvert while some are aggressive.
  • Some prospects are actively involved in market awareness while others are laid back

Most people are combinations of all qualities. As a true professional you must understand this concept

No personality trait is right or wrong in the world. Every characterstic has some plus and some minus as well

So the duty of the sales professional is to communicate with every prospect firmly and calmly. Understand their perspective and point. Sales professional can show list of positive emotions or list of negative emotions. Good communication includes being sensitive to all the behavior and besides knowing how to question learn to listen carefully and give feedback, observe and identify feelings. Sales professional can show avoidant personality disorder.

The psychology of sales is really bad among the people due to the lack of proper education among them. This is a common sense that you are not able to judge people’s personality and behavior correctly.

Mostly sales professional are fed into two categories –


The thinker’s decision is guided by analysis and logic


The feeler’s decision is guided by little more emotions

Logic opens the mind but emotions opens the chequebook

How to Sell Something | Sales Psychology

The psychology of selling | This is a very very general question comes to the mind of every sales professional that how to sell something to make something. He doesn’t think about the credibility and really needs professional are nowadays just thinking about only how to sell something to make something. 

The market is pre-occupied with the sophisticated products and services and the type of market has been shifted for buyers only. Today buyers are more knowledgeable and aware of the recent activities of the market and products. If you try to make your prospect just keep thinking about the increase in sales. This is not the right step for a winning professional you can do 2-3-10-100 sales but can’t reach beyond that. So, be ethical in the profession and sale the right product to the right people.

Sales professional must understand the importance of the positive emotions to sustain in the morder market and grow naturally.

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