Psychology Terms: A list of 30 often used glossary of Psychology

Psychology meanings like Fulsome meaning, Fractious meaning, Abjure meaning,


Strong and good Psychology terms or Psychology Vocabulary indicate a well-developed mind. Vocabulary is essential for building up a strong influence on others.

As a Psychologist, you need to understand the language of your patients and their indications. Just recognising your client’s language is not enough in the communication, at the same time you need to deliver useful words back to your client.


An active and robust vocabulary capture the audience attention and makes your content more effective and more specific.

Sang-froid meaning, Portmanteau meaning, Cynosure meaning, Sententious meaning, Parvenu meaning, Orotund meaning, Asperity meaning, ipso facto meaning, Obeisance meaning,Solipsism meaning, Sapient meaning, Calumny meaning,Apotheosis meaning, Impecunious meaning, Interlocutor meaning, noisome meaning, Martinet meaning, Cavil meaning, Querulous meaning, Tendentious meaning, Timorous meaning, Expiate meaning, Fulsome meaning, Fractious meaning, Abjure meaning, Fulminate meaning, Importune meaning, Proscribe meaning, Imperious meaning

We have gone through the different psychological glossary in our present studies. But, we like to mention some of the words which touch my heart and had a deep connection with the psychotherapists.

I have believed that this vocab will add value to your life. You will able to increase your vocab with psychology sense.

Here’s the list of the Psychology Terms

  1. Weltschmerz  –  Apathy or mental depression caused by comparison of the actual state of the world with an ideal state, e.g. After so many years of fight with cancer, he died in 2017.
  2. Sang-froid – imperturbability or self-possession, especially under strain, e.g., the professional gambler, seemed to take both his wins and his losses with remarkable sangfroid
  3. Portmanteau – a mixture of qualities – his portmanteau of looks, money and intelligence made him unbelievable
  4. Cynosure – Center of attraction – Shahrukh Khan, is the cynosure for the Bollywood.
  5. Sententious: pompous moralising. – a smug and sententious writer
  6. Parvenu – suddenly risen to an unaccustomed position of wealth –  parvenu is one of the sweetest pleasures left to the fallen aristocrat.
  7. Orotund: Bombastic. A master of the orotund prose that is favoured by academic journals of literary criticism
  8. Asperity: harshness. No one likes the asperity of people’s. Everyone like good behaviour.
  9. ipso facto: a logical extension. If we refuse to tolerate bigotry, do we become, ipso facto, as intolerant as those whom we condemn?
  10. Obeisance: acknowledgment of another’s superiority, Everyone in the party was happy in the obeisance of grandfather.
  11. Solipsism: extreme ego-centrism. Questions of luck, empathy and solipsism are woven throughout the sequences lead to psychological insights.
  12. Sapient: possessing or expressing great sagacity, Sandeep Maheshwari is always good for valuable insights and some sapient advice
  13. Calumny:  a misrepresentation intended to harm another’s reputation, He was the target of calumny for his unpopular beliefs.
  14. Apotheosis: the highest or best part of something, Amitabh Bachchan is the apotheosis for the Bollywood.
  15. Impecunious: having too little money. The lack of good jobs has made many formerly middle-class people impecunious.
  16. Interlocutor: a man in the middle of the line in a minstrel show who questions the end men and acts as leader, China, a key North Korean interlocutor, is now edging toward a trade war with the Trump administration.
  17. Noisome: highly obnoxious or objectionable, a noisome remark about my weight that stuck with me for days
  18. Martinet: demander of conformity, As a war president, Wilson was both moralist and martinet
  19. Cavil: to raise a trivial and frivolous objection. Siblings can cavil even over who gets to wash their hands first.
  20. Querulous: peevish, habitually complaining.  Car trips that were frequently spoiled by a couple of querulous passengers in the back
  21. Tendentious: Biased, marked by a tendency in favour of a particular point of view,  He made some extremely tendentious remarks.
  22. Timorous: of a timid disposition, fearful. He was very timorous when he was waiting for the cognitive Process evaluation.
  23. Expiate: obsolete: to put an end to. The fantasy pleases him a good deal and seems to help expiate him feelings of guilt toward his wife.
  24. Fulsome: characterised by abundance: Copious.  Military tenants are described as fulsome for the Iraq.
  25. Fractious: irritable. Facebook, a driver of our fractious political debate, can be seen as profiting from the fallout.
  26. Abjure: to reject solemnly. That did not mean abjuring love as a subject, but rather ennobling it while understanding its limitations.
  27. Fulminate: denounce forcefully. During the campaign, Trump fulminated about journalism.
  28. Importune: to press with troublesome persistence. He stood on the nearby street corner, importuning people for help.
  29. Proscribe: unlawful. Nirav Modi leave a proscribe tease for India.
  30. Imperious:  domineering.  A movie star who thinks she’s of goddess.

I believe that this Psychology Glossary will help you in your personal and as well as professional life. Read every bit of meaning in chunks. Don’t be monotonous to read and learn at once. Either go with experience or experiment.


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