Puberty in Boys: Know about the visible changes in a boys body

Puberty, puberty in boys, puberty for boys, adolescence, second puberty

Puberty in boys is the stage of life during which you become sexually and biologically mature. Puberty is a short process of 1-3 years physical and hormonal changes that cause the young person to reach sexual maturity; girls usually enter it about a year earlier than boys. It is the entry in adolescence, a period of tremendous changes in the body, emotions, attitude, values, intellect, and relationships. This puberty stage is the transition from the world of the child that gives way to the world of the adults. Puberty happens to all individuals- boys and girls. In girls, it may start at the age of 9 0r 10 and in boys, it may begin around 12 or 13 years, although there is a variation of age from one person to the other.

Major changes during Puberty in Boys:

Puberty in boys starts between the age of 12 and 14 years. Different boys react differently to the changes, and the changes happen at different levels to all of us. This is reflective to our uniqueness, and since all of us are different there can usually be no “standard” to compare ourselves to.

Puberty, puberty in boys, puberty for boys, adolescence, second puberty

1. Sexual Feelings at Puberty in Boys

During Puberty in boys and at the time of adolescence, sexual thoughts and fantasies become more frequent and become aware of sexual stimuli around.

2. Body Odour at Puberty in Boys

During Puberty in boys adolescents, sweat glands have become more active. When sweat comes into contact with the bacteria on the skin it creates an unpleasant smell, both in adolescent boys and girls.

3. Pimples at Puberty in Boys

The oil glands or “sebaceous glands” produce an oily substance called sebum at the time of puberty of boys. If the sebum blocks the pores on the skin and combines with the bacteria, you can get pimples.

4. Wet dreams at Puberty in Boys

During puberty in boys become ready to reproduce since he can now produce and release sperm. At this stage of puberty, wet dreams occur often in nearly all boys. At night there is an involuntary release of sperm( ejaculation) during sleep, either during an erotic dream or sometimes even in the absence of erotic stimulation.

Body wake up in the morning to find a sticky or dry residue of semen on the sheet, which is embarrassing, awkward, and even frightening. Wet dreams are a signal that you are growing up, which stops after a while.

5. Ejaculation at Puberty in Boys

Ejaculation is very common at the time of puberty in boys. Ejaculation is essential for reproduction and it also leads to a sexual pleasure feeling – a combination of physical sensations and intense emotional feelings. During this period 3- 15 contradictions occur. Ejaculation is not always voluntary.

6. The testicles at Puberty in Boys

Men have two testicles, which hang in a sack called the scrotum. One testicle always hangs lower than the other, this is so that they don’t bash into each other when you are running or playing. Both urines from bladder and semen pass down this tube through the penis. This tube is called the urethra.

Puberty, puberty in boys, puberty for boys, adolescence, second puberty

7. Foreskin at Puberty in Boys

This penis is fully covered with fine loose skin. The skin that surrounds the head of the penis is loose and is called the foreskin. Once a boy discovers that his foreskin is retractable, he can easily learn to care himself. When the foreskin is fully retractable, it is important to wash underneath it every day, so as to prevent SMEGMA from forming. Good general hygiene and common sense are key to preventing infections and disease.

8. The Penis at Puberty in Boys

Penis plays a main role in puberty of boys, It has two main parts, ahead, and a shaft. Angle or tilt, all of us feel uncomfortable or insecure about how the penis is shaped or how it looks. To reproduce, the male penis must be inserted into the woman’s vagina where sperm is released, which will eventually meet and fertilize the egg.

9.Erections at Puberty in Boys

Normally a mans penis is soft and hangs down, but different kinds of sensations and feelings- physical, psychological, or sensual- can lead to an erection. Erection is unreliable and can come and go without warning.

10. The genitals at Puberty in Boys

It is commonly believed that it is the first stage of puberty of boys is enlargement of testicles. They may double or quadruple. At the same time the skin of the scrotum changes, the color deepens becoming darker and its texture gets wrinkled.

Sometimes after this, the penis starts to enlarge, becoming first longer and than broader. Most changes in girls are happening inside the body unlike boys have visible changes. These sexual are also normal and common among all girls and boys at the stage of puberty in girls.



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