Puberty in Girls: Know about the visible changes in a girls body

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Puberty in girls and boys begin in a tiny corner of the brain called the pituitary gland, chemical messengers called hormones are send to the reproductive organs to release another set of hormones, which lead to change in the body. In boys, the hormone that creates is called testosterone, and in girls it is estrogen. There are some very visible and invisible changes that occur in an individual’s body during the time of puberty in girls. Some changes occur silently without you realizing them, and there are other more obvious changes that are loud and confusing.

Major Changes at the time of Puberty in Girls

Changes in the female body can be considered in terms of visible and invisible changes at the time of puberty.

The invisible changes at Puberty in Girls

1. Vagina Changes at Puberty in Girls

Every woman has three opening in the genital area and these are:

  •  The urinary opening is for the passage for urine.
  •  The vaginal opening which is for:
  •  Passage for period/menstrual flow
  •  Passage through which the baby comes out at birth
  •  Opening for sexual intercourse
  •  Male sperm travels through it to the fallopian tube.

2. Uterus changes at puberty in girls

The uterus is called a womb. Its a pear-shaped upside-down structure inside a women’s abdomen, which is hollow and made of smooth muscles. This is where the baby grows, and during pregnancy, the uterus expands to accommodate a full-grown fetus.

3. Fallopian tube changes at puberty in girls

The fallopian tube is called uterine tubes or oviducts. The fallopian tubes picked up the eggs released in their respective ovaries and push it into the uterus and it takes 3 to 7 days for the ovum to reach the uterus.

4. Ovaries changes at puberty in Girls

There are two ovaries in a young girls body, one on either side of the uterus and below the fallopian tube. The hormone called estrogen is also produced in the ovary. The pituitary gland sends the message to the ovaries to produce this hormone. Estrogen is responsible for making a girl grow up to have a woman’s body and make it possible for her have children.

The Visible changes at puberty in Girls

There is some visible change in the female body, there are discussed below:

1. Sexual Feeling at Puberty in Girls

At this stage of puberty, the young girls may start to feel sexually aroused, and spend time in a fantasy world thinking about love and sex. The movements of hormones inside make the youngster feel more sexual and body is changing.

2. Pimples at the time Puberty in Girls

puberty, puberty in girls, puberty for girls, adolescence, second puberty
Img Source: James Stanfield

The “sebaceous gland” or oil gland produces an oily substance called sebum. If the sebum blocks the pores on the skin and combines with the bacteria, the person can get pimples.

3. Hair Growth at the time of Puberty in Girls

puberty, puberty in girls, puberty for girls, adolescence, second puberty
Img Source: Avert

Youngsters can notice hair growing on their underarms, arms,  legs, upper lips, etc. Hair grows in the pubic area, above the vagina. This is the pubic hair and it is thicker, curlier and coarser than the hair on the head.

4. The Growth Spurt changes at puberty in girls

There is a sudden increase in height and the body fills out. The greatest increase in height occurs around 10-11 years for girls. Girls usually stop growing between 16-18 years. Along with height, the young girls note the change in the pelvic bones and hips widening.

5. Breast changes at puberty in girls

The breast will start to develop and will become larger and fuller. They enlarge with a deposit of fat, they become soft and rounded during this stage. Breasts have milk tubes and milk glands that open into the nipples.

6. Body Odour Changes at Puberty in Girls

The adolescents’ sweat glands( in genital areas and under their arms) are becoming more active. When sweat comes into contact with bacteria on the skin it creates an unpleasant smell, both in adolescent girls and boys.

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