All you need to Know About Mental Illness: Retrograde Amnesia Vs Anterograde Amnesia

Retrograde Amnesia Vs Anterograde Amnesia: Amnesia treatment

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Amnesia is the mental illness of memory loss. People with amnesia are hard to form new memories or they face considerable difficulties in retrieving memories. One unusual thing faced by amnics is they remember their own oneself and their various skills. Memory loss with age is quite reasonable. You tend to forget things as you move on to sixties. Inability to form memories or significant memory loss at a young age is the indication of Amnesics. Amnesia can be split down into two significant extents Retrograde Amnesia and Anterograde Amnesia.

Retrograde Amnesia

Amnics who are suffering from Retrograde Amnesia face so much difficulty in retaining the information. They fail to recognise previously created memories.
People who are suffering from retrograde amnesia likely not to remember specifics but general knowledge. The memories can be of childhood or some special occasion in your life. Alzheimer can cause severe retrograde amnesia.

Anterograde Amnesia

Amnesics from anterograde amnesia are not able to form new memories. People face so much difficulty in developing new memories. Anterograde Amnesia is termed as temporary amnesia. It can be severe too by damage of particular section of your brain which is termed as the hippocampus. Anterograde Amnesia can be caused by long term alcoholism, brain surgery, trauma or stroke.

Symptoms of Amnesia

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The symptom of Amnesia is the inability to create new memory or memory loss. You might face difficulties in recalling facts and figure established by semantic memory. The level of severeness can vary upto 2 minutes to 2 days. The one good things about Amnesics are they able to retain memories about themselves and their motor skills.

Causes of Amnesia

Retrograde Amnesia Vs Anterograde Amnesia, retrograde amnesia, anterograde amnesia,symptoms of amnesia, causes of amnesia,anoxia,stroke, head injuries
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Head Injury or Accident

Infections, head accident, stroker can be really fatal your mental health. A serious accident can create life-long mental problems.


When you took licker for a short or long period, it affects your mental health in both the cases. Short-term alcoholism can cause temporary anterograde amnesia, while long-term addiction can create severe amnesia.


Anoxia is caused by depletion of oxygen in your brain. Anoxia leads to memory loss. Anosia can be temporary or severe brain damage.

Hippocampus Damage

Hippocampus is the part of the brain which is responsible for creating memories. Other roles of Hippocampus is to organise mind and retrieve them. Hippocampus cells can easily be damaged by anoxia.

Dementia or Alzheimer

Dementia is a severe disease which is spreading in this tech world at a rapid rate. When you are suffering from dementia, you tend to forget recent memories while you are able to retrieve old memories.

Amnesia treatment

Amnesia can be easily diagnosed by neurologist or psychology professional. You start to lose memories of past or present. Your closest friend or your spouse can easily spot the changes in your memory and consult the specialist for further checkup.

Doctor use MRI or CT scan to confirms the signs to brain damage. Detoxification, medications, occupational therapy are the treatments of the amnesia.


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