Secondary Aging issues in Middle Adulthood

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Secondary aging issues in Middle adulthood refers to the people who are experiencing changes and development in their central lives. it is basically about the midlife transition or the period of life beyond young adulthood but before the commencement of the late adulthood. Secondary Aging, from the male perspective, is frequently associated with loss of physical and mental functions and vitality. The implied stigma that comes with the secondary aging often prevents men from dealing with important health issues associated with the process.

Physical Appearance Changes in Secondary Aging

The change in physical appearance is some of the most notable parts for many people as they experience middle adulthood physical development. Hair begins turning gray or white as teeth fade from yellow. More wrinkles appear, especially on the face, and skin begins to sag.

Sexuality changes in Secondary Agingsecondary aging, middle adulthood, ageing, aging, successful aging

As adults pass through secondary aging in middle adulthood their strength begins to diminish as some of their muscle is replaced with fat. Flexibility also decreases, and the reaction time of individuals in middle adulthood decreases as well.

Relationships during Middle Adulthood

During Middle adulthood, the primary long-term relationships characteristics are cohabitation and marriage. Cohabitors are unmarried people living together in a sexual relationship in secondary aging, often state their reason for cohabiting as either a trial for marriage or an alternative to marriage.

By middle age, most of the adults are married. Marital satisfaction in middle adulthood is often described in terms of a U-curve: People generally affirms their marriages are happiest during early adulthood, but not as happy during middle adulthood. Martial satisfaction then increases again in the later years, once finances have stabilized and parenting responsibilities have ended.

Health in Secondary Aging

This stage of secondary aging development generally refers to the diseases experienced by the individuals and the diseases are few infectious yet more chronic. Heart disease and cancer are the two most common sickness for people in middle adulthood. The experience for health decline is different for men and women.

Men are more prone to heart diseases, cancer and stroke especially on the incidence that men had experience or are experiencing divorce.

For Women’s, non-fatal illnesses like goiter, gout or Alzheimer’s and lung and breast cancer. Though death is fewer for females than males, diabetic cases are inclines on the female’s part more than the males. The gain or loss in secondary aging generally depends on how people take care of themselves while they are still young and capable to do so.

Parents during Secondary Agingsecondary aging, middle adulthood, ageing, aging, successful aging

Most middle adults define the relationship with their parents as affectionate. Indeed, a strong bond is often present between related middle and late adulthood. Most of the middle adults do not live with their parents, contacts are usually frequent and positive. And, Middle adults are able to see their parents as the fallible human beings that they are.

Children of dependent parents may assist them financially( paying their bills), physically( bring them into their homes and caring for them), and emotionally( as a source of human contact as the parents’ social circle diminishes). Daughters and daughters-in-law are the most common caretakers of aging parents and in-laws.

Even though the death of a parent is never welcome, some long-term adult caretakers express an ambivalent feeling about the event. The growth of children of parents dying of a lingering illness.

For example-We never see our loved ones in trouble, even if alleviation means death. These children may find themselves hoping simultaneously for a peaceful release and for a cure from the pain that their parent is experiencing.




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