The Stroop Test: How Colors Can Reveal Your Focus In Life

The Stroop Test: How Colors Can Reveal Your Focus In Life

The stroop test,stroop test, stroop task, what is stroop effect,

Stroop effect is a very familiar term of psychology. The Stroop effect demonstrates the interference of a task in the given time. When the name of the color(e.g – “green”, “red”, “blue”) is printed in the queue of color which has not been denoted by the name( i.e the word “Green” printed in red color, word “purple” printed in the red color). The stroop test is based on the our perception to the world.

 The stroop test,stroop test, stroop task, what is stroop effect,

The Psychologist gave close observation of the stroop test and conclude that naming the word’s color of the same color takes less time to compare to different word’s color. 

Naming the font color of a printed word is an easier and quicker task if word meaning and font color are congruent. If both are printed in red, the average time to say “RED” in response to the word ‘Green’ is greater than the time to say “RED” in response to the word ‘Mouse’.

Who discovered the Stroop test?

The Stroop test was first published in the year 1935. The creator of the effect is John Ridley Stroop. The Stroop test is the concept of experimental psychology of psychology. Stroop test is widely used in the clinical practice

Why the Stroop Test is used in the Clinics?

This test is used to measure the selective attention of the individual. Also, the theory of selective attention says that color recognition takes more attention than reading a word. The theory of selective attention says that encoding words are an easier task for the brain than recognizing the color of the word.

You can check the phenomenon from the image where you have to tell the color of the word. This results in interference into the Stroop task. The results of the Stroop task is that the attention span of encoding a word is less than encoding the color of the word or some object.

Uses of the Stroop effect

 The stroop test,stroop test, stroop task, what is stroop effect,

The Stroop task is well used in experimental psychology. The Stroop task is used for measuring a person’s skills and capability of selective attention and speed test processing.

It is also used in processing to examine executive capabilities. Stroop task also helps in diagnosing neurological disorders. Psychologist and researcher also use Stroop task in investigating certain parts of the brain to tell about the brain involved in the decision-making, texting, and driving, etc.

The Final Word: The Stroop Task

It is one of the popular neuropsychological tests in the field of mental health. It is used to investigate the psychological capabilities of the individual.

Subject (On which experiment is going to perform) is given two chance to read the color strips on which he has to point out the color of the written words and the administrator note down the error and time gap to read the strip. There are 20 to 150 variants presents in the test.

The test is broken down into some subtests like at once you have to tell the color of the inked words while on the other side you may have just the ink color.

This test successfully measures the selective attention of people’s all around the world. If the interference is greater than the average valuation of the test then you may be suffering from dementia, brain damage, ADHD, mental disorders, depression, and neurodegenerative diseases.





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