The Attitude is Everything | Your Attitude determines your direction

Your Attitude determines your direction.

Attitude, the attitude, attitude seeds positive mental attitude, attitude is everything, attitude indicator
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Attitude | The Attitude is a general word used by us in our day to day life. Belief is the conventional sense, it refers to an individual’s specific state of mind through which he expresses his feelings and opinions towards some conditions, things, event, and persons in his social environment. For example, a person who feels favorably for widow remarriage may advocate widow daughter, thus expressing his attitude towards the issue of widow remarriage. Psychologists, Sociologists, and other social scientists have taken undertaken various researches to throw light on different aspects of philosophy and related concepts like stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination.

Attitude is Everything | Positive Mental Attitude

There are three significant components of attitude have some characteristics, understanding of which is imperative, to understand the nature of beliefs.

  • Valence- Valence refers to the degree of adorableness or unreasonableness to the object or event in question.
  • Consistency- Consistency is more important than the valence factor which lies in multiplexity.
  • Multiplexity- It is the components of attitude have the characteristics of multiplexity. Multiplexity has a number of elements.

Characteristics of Attitudes

A) Attitude has motivational properties: Attitude helps in motivating a person to do some kind of behavior more readily than others.

For example, An individual having a positive attitude for sports may readily go for play than pass his time reading some book.

B) Attitude is always related to some issue, object or thing: This means for the development of attitude occurrence of some event, thing or person is a must. Attitudes do not take place in a vacuum.

Attitude, the attitude, attitude seeds positive mental attitude, attitude is everything, attitude indicator

C) Attitude gives direction: Attitude directs out behavior in either away from an object or toward the object. For example, a favorable attitude toward education will compel the person to send his children to school for formal training for the betterment of their life, which a hostile position may prompt for not sending children to school.

D) Relative Permanency: It means attitudes are stable over time and changes in them take place only gradually.

E) Attitude is learned: A person is not born with an approach, but he or she acquires it through the process of becoming an acceptable member of the group he/ she belongs to. Also, a person develops an attitude to form the experiences of life. These experiences and process of socialization may predispose a person favorably or unfavorably to the object or event in question

Attitude and Beliefs

Attitude, the attitude, attitude seeds positive mental attitude, attitude is everything, attitude indicator
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An attitude is closely related to belief. A belief is defined as regarding perception and cognition “an enduring organization of cognition and perception about some aspect of the individual’s world.” Beliefs are cognition or thoughts about the characteristics of objects.

Attitude has all the three components, i.e. cognitive, effective and behavioral while belief primarily has a cognitive component and the behavioral part is secondary.

A belief does not have motivational properties to direct our efforts in a specific direction, but An attitude has motivational features to leads our efforts in a particular direction.

Change is attitude comes faster than in beliefs.



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