5 Ultimate Time Management Strategies to Improve your Work-Life Balance


Time Management Strategies: People are stubborn in 2019. They are looking for the best time management strategies to manage their daily schedule and work more vibrantly. One interesting thing is about the time is It is unstoppable and uncontrollable. We can’t do anything for the running of the clock. It will move down continuously. You need to understand before searching for the time management strategies that time is limited and you have to feel the importance of your time.

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If you cannot value your time, noone will value your time.

Everyone may or may not aware of the importance of time management, but only a few of them are able to manage their time effectively.

Better time management is the most essential skills that every professional should need to learn in their college life. Better time management is the key to succeed in the 21st century.

Better time management strategies are not learned in the home, nor in the college. Better time management strategies are learned from day to day practice to visualize our own potential.

Better time management strategies are required for every professional. Suppose you are a teacher you may juggle with the classes, personal life, family outreach functions, tuition classes, self-learning time, reply to emails, resolve queries for students, etc.

5 Better Time Management Strategies

 better Time Management, time management Strategies,time management tools, time management article, time management skills, brian tracy

In this time management article we are talking about five time management strategies which we have learned from successful persons like Sandeep Maheshwari, Warren Buffet etc. Visual Memory is the fastest way to memorize things. You can also Visual memory to imrove your memory for long period.

  1. Set Time Limits

Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion

The quote is written by Parkinson.

You may have some works in pending like complete the tuition classes for the students, give lectures to the colleges, take your kids to a family restaurant, your personal tasks. All you need to fix a timeline for completing every task.

When we are not specific with the deadline of our tasks than our time got waste surely.

All you need to download a Google tracker or any tracker to manage your time effectively.

2. Regular Breaks

Every doctor and psychologist suggests taking a break after a certain period of time. Your habit of non-stop working is not a healthy one for your productive life.

Working non-stop is surely not be in better time management strategies. People do think that non-stop working makes them productive but it is a fallacy.

Take a break of 10 minutes every 50 minutes of work. For every 25 minutes, 5 minutes of rest makes us more productive.

Do some meditation

Make a phone call

Drink coffee

Don’t confuse to spend rest time on chatting or social media.

3. Don’t Multitask

An Indian proverb says the all

2 naavon mein pair rakhna

We like to be multi-tasking and manage our time more diversely into more tasks. But when we study the behavior of really successful people in multitasking, It can affect their mental health.

We may suffer from ADHD when our brain focuses on one task it regulates the probability to complete the task.

4. The Brain Tracy Method

Brain Tracy is the renowned author for telling the world better time management strategies from his books. The A<B<C<D<E method can do a lot for you if you are looking to manage your time effectively.

It says that you must have to complete your most difficult and most important task most early in your daytime. Then shift your priority to do task number b, then C then D and at least important task should be done in last.

  • Urgent and important, then do it immediately or next.
  • Not urgent, but important, then put it in the diary or in the to-do list to do later.
  • Urgent, but not important, then delegate it to someone else and
  • Neither urgent or important, trash it.

5. Planning is the Key

 better Time Management, time management Strategies,time management tools, time management article, time management skills, brian tracy

When you plan something you raise your probability to complete the same task.

A planning of 10 minutes can reduce the chance of wastage of whole day.

You can spend a few minutes in the night to plan your next day. You can do the planning in the early morning as well.

If you have written a plan to do a particular task you find your schedule smooth not hectic.

We have discussed the most effective time management strategies in our blog post. We hope that you carry these skills to do something big in your life.


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