Developmental Milestones 2 Years Old Toddler

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Developmental Milestones in 2 years old toddler is a crucial part of the Life Span psychology. Parents are so tensed about the right parenting and their everyday choices toward their child.

Parents need to understand the individuality of the toddler and their parenting environment. Some infants are provided with parents in the management field, some infant’s parents are in the teaching profession while some are in the army. Their life span psychology depends mostly on the current environment they get in their home.

The Development Milestones 2 Years Old Toddler are

  1. Playing and Social Skills
  2. Listening and Vocal Skills
  3. Communication
  4. Coordination
  5. Motor Skills
  6. Self-expressive ability

Social Skills in 2 Year old Toddler

  • Toddlers are really attentive toward their name. When someone calls their name their attention eventually shift towards that person.
  • 2 year old child like to point out objects from his index finger
  • He tries to put up the clothes by the self, this is the shift of support to individuality
  • He really likes games for 2 years old child
  • He likes the community of other same age children
  • Enjoy playing with the new toys
  • Actively involves in 2 year old activities
  • He really like to play socially
  • He likes to explore park, grounds, comic book fair, new toys etc
  • 2 year Toddlers able to point out their choices in life
  • 2 year old milestones in social skills involves participating in the group community of other children

Parenting advice,Developmental Milestones For 2 Years Old Toddler, toddler age, infants definition, 2 year old milestones, 2 year old activities.

Life Skills and Motors Skills as 2 Year Old Milestones

Developmental Milestones 2 Years Old Toddler involves those task which he performs on a daily basis and come under 24 months achievement.

  • He likely to put up in dress by self
  • 2 year old toddler milestones involve learning new poems, listen to a story from the parents and enjoy the community of other small groups of children
  • Toddler in 2 years can able to take bath by self
  • He likely to demand vaiety of food
  • He was likely to point out objects from the index finger.
  • Running in the playground
  • Start to handle small objects like pencil colors, crayon, pencil and toys and balance them nicely
  • Can able to play 5 Best Games for 2 year old child
  • Drawing and Scribbling on the art sheets
  • Likely to sleep for 10 hours in a day
  • He likely to enjoy street fairs and exhibitions a lot
  • Fun and amusement park is their favorite routine over time
  • Can drink milk without the bottle

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Who is a Toddler? What age is a toddler considered to be?

People frequently questions about toddler age, toddler developmental miletsones. Here we are, A toddler is a child with an age group of 12 months to 36 months. In between 12 months to 36 months, the child learns about emotional stability, motor skills, physical development, cognitive skills, etc. The toddler has a significant place in the field of life span psychology in psychology.

Infancy Stage in Life Span Psychology

Infancy period is defined as a state or period of being an infant. The first part of life: Early Childhood. This is the first period for life and considered as most sensitive time period in the whole life for a child.

Infancy period starts from 0-2 years of age.

Definition of Infancy – The first stage of anything, the beginning or early period of existence as the infancy is an art.

A Note To The Parents

Parent need to understand the right way to do parenting. If you fails at early stages of parenting your child may develop anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, auditory processing disorderrejection sensitive dysphoria, avoidant personality disorder, etc.

My advice for the parents is that they join the best parenting institute in the town. Learning to parent may sound weird to you and you may feel financial burden over your shoulder but in this digital world, every step must be taken with clarity. You can’t take the future of your children granted.

They spend the number of training hours to learn how to take care of a child, What is the best way to treat your child?, What are the developmental milestones in 2 year old child, what should a 2-year-old know academically, what should a two year old know, what are the 2 year old activities?, what are the best games for 2 year old child?


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