What is psychology? Is Psychology a Science or Social Science?

Is Psychology a Science? Types of psychology

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Definition of Psychology| Psychology is evolved from the two Greek words soul and logos meaning science or study of a subject. Psychology is the study of the soul or mind.
Psychology is a branch of philosophy. Philosophy has the roots of psychology by reading the application of the scientific method to study the psychological phenomenon.

Psychology is also recognized as a social science. Psychology studies the behavior of human being in the social context.

Is Psychology a Science?

Psychology is the branch of science who studies mental processes, behavior, and experiences in a different context.

Let’s elaborate on the top Psychology Terms in detail.

Psychology is the study of science who deals with the phenomenon like behavior, mental process or experience. Let’s quickly move on to each psychology term in detail.

1. Mental Process

We use our mental process when we think or try to solve a problem, to know or remember something. The brain activity is reflected by mental processes. Either we are trying to read this article, or trying to check our whats app status. There is some mental process going on which redirect us to perform specific actions.

2. Behavior

Behaviors are reaction or responses to the activities we are doing. Indeed activities like you are planning to go for a party, you are feeling fear after reaching on top heigh of 50 tier building. All the events are part of our behavior to overt and covert behavior.

3. Experiences

The psychologist also studies about individual experiences or different-different peoples. They are subjective. If we try to observe someone’s else behavior, we feel to do so. Skills are unique to the individual. Psychologist especially focuses on someone’s pain.

Types of Psychology or Branches of Psychology

Psychology is emerging at a breakneck pace. In these years psychology has developed lots of branches, and the chain is growing continuously. Some of the branches are mentioned here.

1. Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive Psychology is the branch of psychology which studies mental processes. The manipulation, storage, acquisition, and transformation of information received from the stimulus. The procedures are attention, perception, memory, reasoning, problem-solving, decision-making and language.

2. Biological Psychology

What is psychology, Is it Science or Social Science, sports psychology,cognitive psychology, behavioral psychology, clinical psychology,psychology, types of psychologyBiological Psychology focuses on the relationship between behavior and the psychical system. It connects with the brain and the nervous system, immune system and genetics. It is deeply connected with the neuropsychologist.

3. Developmental Psychology

Developmental psychology studies physical, social and psychological changes that occur at different ages and stages over a life span. A developmental psychologist has a deep interest in aging and adult development.

4. Social Psychology

Social Psychologist explores how people are affected by their social environments. How people influence others. Attitude, interpersonal attraction, aggression, social motivation, and intergroup are the keen interest of the psychologist.

5. Environmental Psychology

A psychologist also has a deep interest in physical factors like humidity, pollution, human behavior, etc. They investigate, how physical factors affect the response of the individual?

6. Cultural Psychology

Cultural Psychology examines the role of the culture in understanding behavior, thought and emotion. Culture also influences human behavior proposed by the psychologist.

7. Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology is the most essential branch of psychology deals with treatment, cause, and prevention of different types of psychological disorders. Clinical psychology focuses on depression, eating disorder, anxiety and chronic pain. This branch of psychology focuses on to solve individual problems in daily life. It is a little similar to counseling psychology.

8. Organizational Psychology

Industrial or Organizational Psychology deals with workplace behavior, focus on employees or employers. They help the organization to train people, improve work condition, and select employees.

9. Sports Psychology

Sports Psychology applies psychology to improve sports performance by enhancing their motivation. Sports psychology is the emerging field of psychology in recent days.




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